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playing according to your icon

Thu 06 Jun 2019, 08:57

Hi everyone.

Big Coriolis fan and first time forum poster here.
My gaming group has a question.
We cannot decide what constitutes "playing according to your icon" when it comes to awarding xp. its too suggestive in our opinion and lacks balance. has anyone made a guideline for their games on what they consider acceptable for awarding XP?
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Re: playing according to your icon

Fri 07 Jun 2019, 20:17

Hi, I'm rewarding the group as a whole and not individual when it comes to XP. I find it easier and as a group they find it a bit unbalanced due to individual skills and experience with roleplay.
I have house ruled the cost of skills and talents and also added lvls to talents which makes it more expensive so I overall give them more XP than stated in the rulebook.
I think around 5 XP for each player and meeting so far.
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Re: playing according to your icon

Sat 15 Jun 2019, 12:11

it is a bit difficult and depends on the icon and what you/your group agrees on.

Good knowledge of the icons is a must though...

The Messanger for Example:
He is sometimes
called the Whisperer, the one who knows all your secrets, or
the Seducer who drives people mad. Many view the Messenger
as the Icon that escorts your ghost to the afterlife when your
body dies, often as a host of sparrows or some other small
So you could reward a PC if she helps someone with deat or transfering a secret or even a message....
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Re: playing according to your icon

Sun 11 Aug 2019, 17:29

We had the same question in our group. I gave it some thought, and would like to propose the following guide. It is inspired by common astrology, and how Morrowind handled star signs (e.g. Those born under the sign of the Steed are impatient and always hurrying from one place to another. – 25 point bonus to Speed"). The suggestions themselves are based on the description of the Icons themselves, and their associated Traits. 

"Acting in accordance with your Icon" would mean showing an appropriate (and noticeable) behavior trait (positive or negative) sometime during the session. HOWEVER, it is certainly not intended to pigeonhole character traits and personality. Rather, it should be seen as certain tendencies - and perhaps a useful baseline from which to build your character's personality.
  • The Messenger: Those born under The Messenger tend to be charismatic and visionary, but can be overbearing and stubborn.
  • The Dancer: Those born under The Dancer tend to be passionate and loyal, but can be prone to decadence and indulgence.
  • The Gambler: Those born under The Gambler tend to be adventurous and courageous, but can be impatient and brash.
  • The Deckhand: Those born under The Deckhand tend to be organized, modest and calm, but can be set in their ways and slow to change.
  • The Merchant: Those born under The Merchant tend to be ambitious and driven, but can be prone to greed and possessiveness.
  • The Judge: Those burn under The Judge tend to be focused and strong willed, but can be aggressive and inflexible.
  • The Traveler: Those born under The Traveler tend to be intelligent and curious, but can be obsessive.
  • Lady of Tears: Those born under The Lady of Tears tend to be resilient, empathetic and compassionate, but can be prone to melancholy.
  • Faceless One: Those born under the Faceless One tend to have an affinity for mysticism and spirituality, but can be unreliable and secretive.

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