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Antimatter rockets - again

Sun 20 Jan 2019, 23:30

Totally new to Coriolis, we just started creating our characters and ship yesterday. Everything looks so cool!
We decided to take class II (3 crew members + we have AI) and build very fast and super-vanishable vessel. I am trying to wire together ship movement types and perks. There is already a topic on antimatter rockets , and according to Tomas, the site admin:
The idea here is that the rockets only give a bonus to the Advance/Retreat action.
And from core rulebook:
Features (table):
Antimatter rockets: Maneuverability +2, cost: 20%
Tuned Accelerator: Bonus +2 to the advance/retreat action cost: 10%
Turbo Projector: Gives +1 to Maneuverability and Speed. , cost: 20% 
Features (details):
Antimatter rockets only occupy the space normally reserved for the graviton projector.. gains a +2 to Maneuverability when it comes to acceleration
Tuned accelerator: core powering the graviton projector has advanced exhaust controls and djinn intelligences for higher effect. Gives a +2 to the pilot roll for the advance/ retreat action
Turbo projector: graviton coils have been reinforced. Gives +1 to Maneuverability and Speed. Can be purchased twice
  1. So, do I understand correctly that antimatter rockets are equivalent to (standard graviton projector + tuned accelerator)? By giving mod +2 to advance/retreat (only)?
  2. And there is no equivalent to "Turbo projector" for Karrmerruk ships with antimatter rockets installed, so one cannot increase Speed of such ships?
Basically, I feel that the only profit from Antimatter rockets is one extra module space instead of reactor, and it costs 20% vs 10% for tuned accelerator, and I cannot purchase turbo projector... Change my mind? Or what do I miss?
Hope I explained myself well enough.. :)
Thank you.
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