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Re: Modified ship deck plans

Mon 16 Jul 2018, 17:13

This is what I am thinking about lately.
Al Ardha blockade runner, old and cold, attached to asteroid floating in space. Ship looks like razor sharp objects glued to each other, child of the void, not designed to ever touch planet's atmosphere. The ship looks almost alien to Third Horizon inhabitants, and may recall terror in minds of war veterans. Almost 12 meters in highest point, and 70 in length, it has 2 turrets (Accelerator Canon and DataPulse Array) on top, and one on right side (ECM). There is no open cockpit or visor. On the right side there is one airlock, non-compatible with standard designs (going to the ship requires space walk). On the bottom there are visible reactor and engine domes. Inside, ship is in good condition, considering almost 100 years if was left alone. Its crew shut it down on purpose, and left order before leaving the ship. All panels and tools are secured. There is no sign of damage. Air was removed, and gravity is not present.

Inside players can find few mysteries:
In the airlock they can find one suited skeleton of recent scavenger, who has tried to rob the ship. His exo visior is punctured. When they will try to look inside, they will see shadows, running away from the light. If they will touch the suit, they will wake up swarm of nanites (the shadows) that will follow them and will try to get into the suit. They can chase it away using very bright light.
If they will rip the suit (consider it as good idea for spending Darkness Points for failed Dex or Force rolls during exploration), it will go under the suit, scratching and digging into the skin, forcing players to go back to ship. or to find a way to fill derelict's med bay with air. They can be removed by burning or using acid, causing harm to their victim (2 damage) or performing precise medical procedure with no harm (Med - 3).
Exo has name of the person who died inside and name of the Nomads family ship he came from. Returning his bones and exo, or burying him and informing family can be considered as good deed and improve players reputation with the Nomads.

Ship technology is result of Al Ardha attempts to harvest energy from the Deep Between the Stars. Engine room looks like mix between lab and torture chamber, in center of which lies strange organic-like sphere. If players decide they want to start it up, they need to take Mystic Talents test (-2) or Engineering (-4). Starting up the engine can cause haunting visions (1DP per 1 Stress damage, game master can use it as long as engine is running. Also per 3 DP, Dark Morph can be summoned, if they player's don't get the clue that they are messing with the evil after first visions). There are also some accumulators that will give them emergency power for few hours. (Enough to turn on dim lighting and make one ship module running at time, except engines). Starting up engine, or backup power will take around 1 hour.

In the ammo feed system they can few rare Al Ardhan high grade rounds. They can scavenge it (1h), and it will grant them +1 to hit on one space battle.

Bridge is dead - closed. It is in the big sphere in center of the ship. Players can try to breach the door (Tech skill test, 2h) or go to engineering to turn on the backup power... inside is covered in displays, giving captain full view of space around the ship. It has encrypted data core, that is important to my story. Taking it out unharmed is simple task for techie (simple tech test), decoding the database is harder (-4 dice, in my story there is roster of Al Ardhan officers, some of them still present in the Third Horizon, but you can put whatever you want inside - map to lost treasure, lost technology, funny cat pictures :) ). Data core is bulky and heavy, so if they are forced to run with it it will require some Force tests (or Dex for space walk).

Last, but not leas, ship is home to one Dark Morph, that will wake up, as players wonder around the ship.

I'd like to introduce the ship as space exploration for 2 characters on next game session. Techie and spy. I imagine this as game of resources (air) versus time. They have goal to take the data core from the bridge and will find some obstacles. They can try to get back to the ship if things go wrong... but in general, it's better to push forward.

Ship stats are the same as the corebook Blocade Runner. It is rare and noone sane would like to fly on it. If players decide to sell it, they should have hard time on it, finally running into some maniac, who would give them nice price (allowing them to decrease their debt nicely), but will put it for sure to bad use.

My 3d modeling skills are poor, but you should get the idea, how I wanted the ship to look like.
Deck plans later.
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Re: Modified ship deck plans

Thu 19 Jul 2018, 12:03

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