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Space Combat

Sun 18 Feb 2018, 23:45

Hi Guys

Second attempt at space combat today, which led to various debates around the table 

1) With regards to EP damaging weapons. Other than overloading the reactor is there any other way of recovering lost EPs? Does Armour protect against EP damage? 

On page 170 the rules mention "When a ship suffers EP damage, its effectiveness drops. Systems damage first eliminates EP not already spent in the turn, and after that destroys EP already used". What does that actually mean??

2) Overloading the reactor, for every success the engineer makes, 1 EP gained but causes 1 HP of damage. Seems a little extreme? 

3) Target lock, applies to all weapons fired at one target? 

4) How does a fighter ( a single pilot) fire a 2 cannon installation? I was thinking of 2 forward firing weapons (not turret) 


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Re: Space Combat

Mon 19 Feb 2018, 19:39


1. Yes, the Engineer can Repair System Damage, see page 168. Yes, armor does work against system damage, unless the weapon description (page 149-150) says otherwise. The sentence you as about refers to the fact that the current EP score of the ship acts as a pool of points that the Engineer distributes to the other crew members. As the Engineer Phase comes before the Attack Phase in the turn, the EP will usually already be distributed then a ship suffers damage, but when this is not the case, unspent EP will be lost first when a ship suffers system damage.

2. Overloading the reactor is a desperate measure for desperate situations!

3. Yes. 

4. Each gunner (or pilot, in the case of a 1-crew ship) can only fire one weapon per Attack action.
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Re: Space Combat

Tue 20 Feb 2018, 14:27

Hi Tomas

I assume the armour roll is applied to HP and EP separately?

On a multi crewed ship, EP has been allocated to pilot and engineer. Could the sensor operator assist the engineer with a task if he possessed the appropriate skill?


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Re: Space Combat

Fri 18 May 2018, 19:47

The "assisting other crew" question is somewhat detailed. Story wise, each turn is several minutes (page 165, Turns and Initiative), so it is conceivable one crew person could jump out of their seat and run to another location. Or perhaps, he's able to manipulate things directly on the bridge (i.e. "Chewie - lock in the auxiliary power"). 

On page 170, under Large Crews, it details when extra crew can perform a 2nd action for another position (Sensor Operator, Engineer and Gunner), and when they can do an "assist" (only Sensor Operator and Engineer).

NOTE: In your example, the Sensor Operator phase happens after the Engineer phase, so if he already did his action, he wouldn't be able to go help the Engineer until the next round.

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