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Couple of Rules Questions.

Thu 30 Nov 2017, 20:51

Apologies if this is covered somewhere on the forum or in the core book but:

What Skill would be used to test if a character wanted to ride or train a beast? (I ask because it specifically states on pg 316 that you cannot use Manipulation on beasts.)

Also, how long would it take to travel between systems without using the Portals? I understand the Zenith and Nadir took generations to get from 'earth' to reach the Third Horizon, but if someone (like nomads for example) wanted to travel from Kua to a neighbouring system without using a portal, how long would it take? Are there any factions or groups that exist in deep space, avoiding the portals? (I recall some Zalosian extremists calling for the destruction of such 'abominations' and was wondering of the implications of something like that happening...
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Re: Couple of Rules Questions.

Mon 04 Dec 2017, 14:07

I'm leaning towards Survival.

As for your second question, far, far too long for it to be viable. :p
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Re: Couple of Rules Questions.

Sun 21 Oct 2018, 23:04

Survival makes he most sense to me too.

Regarding question 2:
There is no such thing as a “neighboring system.” They only appear that way because they are linked by portals. Two stars linked by a single portal could be 5000 light years apart in normal space, while two other stars that you have to make 8 portal jumps between could be only 5 light years apart.

IRL, (Al)dabaran is currently “only” about 65 light years from Earth, while Algol is about 93. If you really want, I guess you could divide the Zenith’s travel time by 65 and come up with a number for about how many years it took the Zenith to travel a single light year. It’s a lot... If we’re going to go there however... the stars themselves can move a lot in 1000 years, so calculate that in too (after you consult with a professional astronomer)...

Generally it’s better not to go there I think. The game wasn’t designed to be extremely science-y. It seems to have been designed to be adequately science-y and extremely colorful and fun. :-)

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