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One last birr

Posted: Sat 28 Oct 2017, 17:06
by Doctor KoT
You can make a living out of your craft or performances. Test dexterity instead of manipulation to find basic subsistence (food, drink, repairs – no new gear) when in a new place.
Is there something i missed? Does it mean that any other PC group can find basic subsistence for free with manipulation roll? Because if there is, i can't find this rule...

Re: One last birr

Posted: Fri 03 Nov 2017, 19:01
by VoxenTass
I think the intent is that instead of trying to get basic subsistence with manipulation (sob stories, threats of violence, bargaining for later payment, etc) you can just rely on skills / abilities you possess to "pay" for goods. This probably isn't intended to provide enough currency to cover the cost of purchasing meaningful items; gear, transportation, bribes, artifacts, that's why you're on missions after all.