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Church of the Machine? Organisation idea..

Thu 24 Aug 2017, 13:41

Firstly, this is my introductory post, as have just picked up the pdf for this gloriously illustrated and presented game. I like the feel the book presents which is what first drew me to the game and as I read more of the background and rules I am growing to like it more and more.

Secondly, I have an idea for a group that may serve as either a Nemesis or Patron or something in between depending on the PCs motivations. I have a very basic idea and was wondering if someone can help flesh it out, or suggest how to tailor it to the Coriolis setting?

The idea revolves around a bitter old military doctor/surgeon/medic, who after suffering a major injury of some kind was given some cybernetic/bionic augmentation. Since then, he has become fixated with the concept that machines are more robust and efficient than weak flesh and bone (See the Metallica song 'Spit out the Bone' for more inspiration...

He has started a secret cult devoted to the worship and spread of cybernetic augmentation as a way to start a 'pure' race of cybernetic beings with their end goal being to take over from the weak air breathing, free thinking humans.

I need a bit of help with some details on how common cybernetics are, if there are other options besides those in the core book etc.. Any help at all would be appreciated.

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Re: Church of the Machine? Organisation idea..

Thu 24 Aug 2017, 22:19

I would say that they are very common.

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