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Talents & Talent Trees

Posted: Mon 26 Jun 2017, 05:14
by ConnorsRPG
We have decided to group Talents. Whilst technically not 'trees' that is what we are calling them. So instead of a Concept granting choice of 3 actual talents they now grant access to some Talent Trees from which you choose 1 starting talent. Species can grant access to TTs too (but usually just grant individual talents).

Another way to get access to a Talent Tree after PC generation is by taking an 'Entry Edge'. These give you a minor benefit (usually based upon our Card Initiative system) AND access to a new TT.

I have also expanded the number of talents for the game and have written many to suit out Star Wars game.

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Re: Talents & Talent Trees

Posted: Wed 12 Jul 2017, 14:59
by Tomas
Sounds interesting!