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Posted: Sat 29 Apr 2017, 06:32
by Sensei
OK, the rules for storing/ loading torps are non-existent, and I'd like to know how people are handling them. I know the launcher holds four torps, but there's no mention at all about the size/ weight of these things. (The only thing at all we have to go by is the drawings of torpedoes on the deck plans in the back of the book.) My players have hundreds of tons of storage space in the cargo holds; how many torpedoes can they stash there? (Does a crit hit to the cargo bay set off the explosives?) How fast can you reload them into the launcher? One at a time? Four at a time? Does it require special equipment? How are you guys handling your torpedo mechanics?

Re: Torpedoes

Posted: Sat 29 Apr 2017, 10:11
by blaster219
The Torpeado and Mine system module holds four torps or mine per module selected. They are not stored in the cargo hold module. Not by default. It's done this way to replicate real world submarines and mine laying ships only store torpedoes in the torpedo room for various practical reasons.

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Posted: Mon 01 May 2017, 03:07
by Sensei
You misunderstand the questions, Blaster. I know the launchers only hold four at a time, yes, but that doesn't address how to handle torpedoes that aren't in the launchers. Cargo holds can obviously store torpedoes (especially when there's 700 tons of cargo space, like my players have on their Class 4 ship), so how does one handle moving/ loading those puppies?  

The Kamruk deckplans on p 368 clearly show the torpedo launcher, and also a set of four spare torpedoes on some kind of loading rack, waiting patiently beside the loader. So, my question is, how do other players address the storage and handling of these munitions? How much time would it require to roll another rack of torps into the launcher? I'd like to assume it could be done in time for the next combat turn, but again, no guidelines at all are offered in the rules. 

For that matter, on a slightly different topic, all of the statted ships in the core book simply list "torpedo room" once on their modules list. It's odd that as powerful as torpedoes are, a few of the more combat-oriented ships don't have mention of multiple rooms, so more than one torpedo can be launched at once. (Again, I'm thinking of ye olde torpedo boat suggested in the book.) 

There's even mention of a torpedo ship as a Class 2 starship, although unfortunately no stats are given. One would assume this thing has a serious selection of torpedoes to choose from and reload with. 

Maybe no one here on the forums has come across this issue yet, but I was just curious as to how people were dealing with it, so maybe I wouldn't have to wing it by making it all up myself.  

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Posted: Mon 01 May 2017, 03:25
by Lego
I think the torpedo ship in reference in the ship is a shape not a weapon system.  Its a class 2 ship likely fast and made for boarding and assault.  

I would also agree that storing torpedo in a cargo hold is possible but likely foolish.  But like you said they could have multiple torpedo rooms.  

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Posted: Mon 01 May 2017, 07:33
by VoxenTass
I’ve seen this question in similar forms especially regarding how much a cargo hold itself can carry.
In an effort to simplify some stuff, I came up with using some other modules as reference points. For instance, I average a ship torpedo to be about 1m diameter and maybe 3.5m long (4’x10’ approx). It works for me but you can go with whatever sounds good. The point is, I then looked at stasis module since my spare torpedoes will be packaged similarly (rows and shelves), taking into account extra packaging and special equipment. I estimate then that each torpedo is about the same width as a bed, and maybe 1.25 to 1.5 the length, so guess for 1 bed wide 2 beds long. A class 4 stasis module can hold 64 beds, and torps take 2 spaces.  32 torps in storage. Add up equipment to move them around (trolleys, cranes, whatever) and enough space to get at what you need and there you go. A class 5 could hold 128 and a class 2 is carrying 2 extra, per hold. You could have the torps shorter and then match the storage to stasis, or make them even larger and reduce even more how many you can carry.
As far as moving them around the ship, I would rule it depends how far you have to go. Each module takes time to traverse and off the cuff I’d say 1 round per room, modified by the number of successes from a dexterity test (don’t want to knock a stack of them over halfway there, heh). As well, I’d rule a designed trolley could handle 4 (a full reload) at a time.
If you give it a go, or find a different idea, I’d like to see what else comes up J
Oh, and given you’re packing dozens of torpedoes in one room, a hit really should be eye opening for the players.. Might want to reinforce that room and surround it with other modules lol)

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Posted: Mon 05 Jun 2017, 03:12
by Sensei
Hey, Voxen, nice figuring you did there.   :P  I like the method. I was also thinking that a torpedo should be about the size of a stasis bed, but hadn't really put much thought yet into figuring how much equipment, conveyances, etc. would be required to shuffle them around. I'll keep your post in mind if the storage issue ever becomes really important. 

And I did point out to the players of course that critical hits in any module storing torpedoes would be very... very... ugly. 

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Posted: Wed 07 Jun 2017, 10:48
by Garage
You could always create a new module/feature, called "Magazine" that holds 12 torpedos and loads them automatically.

if you wanted to be really flash and have a sorting option so it allows you to carry multiple torpedo types and choose which one you like.


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Posted: Sun 02 Jul 2017, 11:19
by Doctor KoT
Modern torpedo weighs about 2 tons. Make sci-fi rounding down for 1 ton and viola.
By the way, this means you'll need two men in loader exos to load and tranport single torpedo, lol.