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Game thoughts needed

Sun 09 Apr 2017, 18:17

my new game starts on wednesday and i was wondering if i could have some thoughts on an opening mission

my 3 players are agents with Captain Girrah, a judicator loyal to the Governor of Coriolis as a patron

player 1: Pilot (fighter) to start but had a mystic reaction when the emissaries came from Xene. Had dishonourable discharge.
player 2: Operative (Spy) a jaded assassin type who is looking for her way
player 3: crazy engineer type who likes to fiddle with tech

i want a simple mission for the opening one, that will include a broad range of skill use since we are not at all familiar with the system being long time D&D players.

thanks for your help
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Re: Game thoughts needed

Mon 10 Apr 2017, 13:14

Run the quickstarter adventure, or the one in the core rulebook ... if there is one, there may no be, but at least there are some scenario locations that may inspire you - also look in the Atlas if you've got it.

Their group concept could also guide you, whether they're explorers, mercs, agents or free traders.

Explorers could be sent to investigate some moon or old space station, or derelict vessel.

Smugglers... well could smuggle something or someone... perhaps someone being chased by one of the other factions

Mercs, hunt down someone (bounty hunting) fleeing from justice, debt or the like.

Agents, sent to retrieve something or someone, the need for discretion is imperative.
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