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Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Thu 20 Apr 2017, 10:28
by Kaeam
You are welcome, ConnorsRPG. Although I think that I should thank you for giving me a chance to be creative.  :D

Giving (near-) humans an extra talent to balance the features aliens get is pretty good idea. I assume that humans and aliens would still get the two talents from their concepts and group concepts?
On the subject of Gear Bonus vs. Skill Bonus, I don't think that it really matters which way you write the bonuses gained from physical features and such. I personally prefer the "+X to skill Y when Z" format as the book uses it.
Also, I really like that drawback page of yours! 

Here is my (work in progress) take on droids and other mechanical beings:
  • You don't need to eat, drink, breathe or sleep (although you might require recharging every now and then).
  • You are immune to poisons, gasses and other such things that only affect organic beings. 
  • You don't heal structural (hit points), system (mind points) and critical damage naturally and Medicurgy doesn't work on you.
  • You can be repaired with a successful Technology (hit points and critical damage) or Data Djinn (mind points) Test. Each success restores one point to the corresponding pool. Repairing structural or critical damage requires suitable tools and spare parts.
  • Your consciousness is contained inside a cognitive module that can be retrieved and transferred to another droid chassis as long as the module is intact.
  • Your physical qualities depend on your chassis. Most chassis are Ordinary technology, but there are more advanced chassis that require Advanced tools and spare parts to repair.
  • You can't use Mystic Powers.
  • You can't wear armour. (OPTIONAL)
Different droid chassis and cognitive modules could be handled like different ship types:
  • Class. It could be hard/impossible to install a class X cognitive module into a class Y chassis.
  • Default attributes: Chassis determines droid's Strength, Agility, armour, and movement speed while cognitive module determines droid's Wits and Empathy.
  • Default upgrades/features. 
  • Number of extra upgrades allowed.
Different droid types could be handled like concepts:
  • Different sub-concepts showing what the droid was programmed to do.
  • Choice of talent that fits the droid type.
  • Choice of class X cognitive module.
  • Choice of class X chassis.
  • Equipment choices that contain some chassis and/or cognitive module upgrades.

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Fri 21 Apr 2017, 06:17
by ConnorsRPG
I scrapped the whole idea of gear bonuses etc. Certain talents seemed to be the way to go in the end anyway.

I changed Skills from being bonus to being ones that you had to spend your initial skills on (but they then become like 'concept' skills and can be raised to 3

Instead of a bunch of unique species features (which I have done for other systems), I just listed the talents you start with and wrote up any new ones. (I also added a couple of flaws).

Anyway, it is underway. I have some initial species. See what you think. (It also explains starting talents etc, but yes, everyone still gets Group & Concept talent to start: +2 of choice for humans: +1 for aliens & their species features.

Have a look: Star Wars Species Page

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Fri 21 Apr 2017, 06:22
by ConnorsRPG
@Kaeam. Stuff on droids looks great. Funny, I was just thinking of droids today (and how I wish I had backed the Mech version of M;YZ - I am sure the KS has finished now.

If possible (and it looks like you are interested to help), let's start a new thread for each part of this Star Wars conversion or whatever ;) Keep this for species only for eg.

Your droid stuff is very well written, and I will use some of that when I do my Droid Page - Modified for each 'Degree' of droid as I did on my Cypher System Droid Page. :)

Cheers :) C

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Fri 21 Apr 2017, 08:27
by Kaeam
Great work on the species (and drawbacks and all the other things your site contains), ConnorsRPG!  :)

I am not entirely sure about the assigned skills as they might force players to take skills that don't fit their character concept ("So my Duros courtesan is also a trained scientist and a pilot?").
Calling negative Talents Flaws/Drawbacks is a good idea as being bad at something is hardly a talent.  ;)
Also, I am more than happy to help, so expect to see me in the other threads as well.  :D

Here are some additional talents and drawbacks:
Chameleonic Skin: You are able to change the pigment of your skin, which allows you to blend in with your surroundings. You gain +2 to Infiltration to hide and stay hidden while most of your skin is uncovered.
Large: You are larger than most people. You can carry an extra item and gain an extra hit point, but your size makes you easier to notice (-1 to Infiltration to hide and stay hidden) and hit (enemies receive +1 Ranged Combat to hit you in combat). You might also have hard time finding clothes that fit you.
Small: You are smaller than most people. You can carry one less item and gain one less hit point, but your size makes you harder to notice (+1 to Infiltration to hide and stay hidden) and hit (enemies receive -1 Ranged Combat to hit you in combat). You might also have hard time finding clothes that fit you.
Dietary Requirement: You require certain substance to survive and might even be unable to digest other substances. For example, you might only gain sustenance from raw meat or require rare chemicals in addition to regular food to avoid regressing into a mindless beast.
Unusual Vocal Organs: The construction of your vocal organs prevent you from speaking most languages without a translator device. You can still understand the languages you learn.
Atmospheric Requirement: You require an atmosphere composed of certain gasses to breathe and might even find other gasses poisonous to you. You require a special breathing mask to survive in atmospheres that aren't native to you.
Unusual/Non-Humanoid Body Shape: You have an unusual/non-humanoid body shape that makes it hard for you to find suitable clothing and armour in most places. You can only wear equipment that has been customized to you, which costs 50-100% more than normal in places that don't usually cater to people like you.

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Fri 21 Apr 2017, 11:30
by ConnorsRPG
I am keeping the Skills as they are very definitive/inherent to the species. Duros are know for their minds and natural piloting ability. So yeah, that courtesan can still spend the rest of the skill points on skills that make them a great courtesan, but inherently, they still have Duros features too.

If it hurts too much (we never have players that howl about wrecking their concept), then they simply choose one of the hundreds of other species, many of which will make even better courtesans. if they insist on being a Duros, they have to invest a little in what makes a Duros. (Of course there may be rare exceptions - I would rather work with a player on that exception than remove what makes a Duros a Duros b/c of the possibility someone wants to play a courtesan Duros ;)).

Funny you should mention those Talents. i was doing Togruta and thinking of chameleon/camoflage, but figured if ever the situation a Togruta is played in the grasslands of their home planet we can make a ruling there, rather than put camo on home planet on PC Sheet. So I did not put a general Camo/Chameleon Talent, but was always going to need one for other species :)

Large and Small I have thought a lot about. So far, I have covered small with other Drawbacks like Weak. Large/Strong species I will increase their Str attribute max. (As you suggested earlier). I am not combining good with bad at this stage. Drawbacks are separate. But I think there might be room for Small and Large Talents. (The Animal Powers from Genlab Alpha have ideas there too).

The Req Drawbacks - someone else has been reading Kel Dor :P I have hit a hurdle as I attempted that species. Both b/c of drawbacks like these and their FOrce connection ;) I think I will roll into one Drawback as "Living Reqs". Your ideas are sound. (I wasn't even going to put them as such - I was just going to grant Bonus Equip and state they are blind and suffocate without them ;)).

Got the vocal organs covered already in the Drawbacks - called Mute/Limited Vocab. Though I think I will add another name and little extra description to cover species/races simply unable to vocalize human language :)

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Fri 21 Apr 2017, 15:55
by Kaeam
I guess that the assigned skills do help strengthen the racial identity. I just personally dislike races in RPGs having qualities that are more cultural than racial, as they imply that every member of the race was raised more or less the same way.  :?

Anyway, I assume that Togruta could camouflage themselves in other grasslands as well, so you could use a talent like this (Togruta would have Natural Camouflage (Grassland) while Wampa has Natural Camouflage (Snow)):
Natural Camouflage (Terrain): You possess natural colouration and/or other features that help you to blend in with your surroundings in certain terrains. You gain +2 to Infiltration to hide and stay hidden in the specified terrain while most of your skin is uncovered.

Dietary Requirement and Atmospheric Requirement could be easily specified the same way, so a vampiric Gand (don't ask) would have Atmospheric Requirement (Ammonia) and Dietary Requirement (Blood).

Instead of Talents or Drawbacks, Large and Small would work more like the race sizes in DnD. You might have members of small and large races that don't receive modifiers to their Strength maximums, but their size would allow them to carry less/more than a human who had the same Strength as they have. They would also be easier/harder to hit due their size. Chadra-Fan would be an example of a Small race and Hutts of a Large race. Most races are Medium and don't receive any modifiers from their size.

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Sat 22 Apr 2017, 01:41
by ConnorsRPG
I will have a Camoflage talent, I was just getting at it was not really worth adding to Togruta (as givent he colouratio, it would only work on home world). Talz etc will definitely get it as it would apply to any white snow :)

Re size, the Strength maximums & Drawbacks assigned to the Chadra-Fan are there b/c of it's size. (I did add the name 'Small' to the Weak/Weakling Drawback). That more than covers that.

If I do benefits for Small & Large - I would use something like the ones in Genlab Alpha. But again, when I write up a large, tough race, messing with Attribute maximums & maybe a talent will be all that's needed.

I don't want to assign 'sizes' as such. I found that odd when I 1st moved away from D&D, but kind of enjoy a creature not defined this way with hard rules attached.

I will have to do a 'largish' race to probably get this across. ;)

Thanks for thoughts. (Feel free to join in our forums over at wikidot too if you like ;)).

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Sat 22 Apr 2017, 01:45
by ConnorsRPG
Oh, and on the cultural thing for races/species. I think that is as important as physiology in defining a race/species and I do like the rules to reflect it.

MOST dwarves have the same values of honor for eg. However, there are always exceptions (and players love to be those ;)), so that is why we allow players to kind of 'buy off' any Drawbacks that are not physiologically based. Have not perfected that yet, but see the Drawbacks page.

We are always very open to discussion on that. Mind you, our play style is very random too and rarely based around building optimum PCs. (I even create mine mostly randomly ;)).

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Sat 22 Apr 2017, 01:48
by ConnorsRPG
I have to ask. Vampiric Gand? I thought your egs were based upon Kel Dor which I was working on, but then I saw a picture of a Gand and tht maybe that's what you were getting at with Dietary/Atmospheric needs.

Anyway, I merged them all into a catch-all Drawback. It is not strongly defined, but at least it is there now :) (Also did Kel Dor for our Species).

Take a look :)

Re: Aliens - Semi-Intelligences

Posted: Sat 22 Apr 2017, 10:35
by Kaeam
I told you not to ask about the vampiric Gand! :evil:

Anyway, I based Atmospheric Requirement on both Gand and Kel Dor. Dietary Requirement wasn't based on any Star Wars species and was meant to be separate from Atmospheric Requirement.
A vampiric Gand is just a Gand that has been bitten by a space vampire (those are totally a thing, right?) and thus needs to both breathe ammonia and consume blood to survive.  :P

Small and Large were mostly created as an easy way to show which species are affected by the Ranged Combat target size modifier (Coriolis p. 88) with some extra things added. Naturally you don't need to use the race sizes to apply the modifier whenever you deem it necessary.  ;)

I have been trying to create Talents and Drawbacks that aren't tied to Star Wars. For example, Chameleonic Skin and Natural Camouflage could easily be used as Humanite Talents in unmodified Coriolis.  :)