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Cell cost and depletion.

Tue 27 Dec 2016, 09:14

Why is it that a cell costs 50 Birr, but then recharging it costs 50 too even though that means it's more susceptible to breaking?
This seems expensive and distant from the aesthetic of the game, especially when one of the races straight up recycled their own ark ship.

The issue extends beyond cost too as, with mercurial weapons for example, it costs 1DP to make a recharged cell become faulty and reduce the wepon back to its primative form but there is nothing that I can see that talks of reducing the weapons charge when it is a new cell, so how does it run out in the first place? And even if it were to run out then, why would the player ever do anything but replace it with a new fully charged cell when the price is the same?

One argument has been that you need an advanced cell to recharge the weapon. However I am concerned there are enough advanced enviroments for this not to be a real issue most of the time and a savvy player would just end up stocking up on clean cells. Also this doesn't change the fact there's no guidance on fresh cells running out.

Right now we have homebrewed that to deplete a cell it takes 3 quick melee attacks as it does with any ranged weapon, and it takes 2dp for a fresh cell.
Furthermore I am mulling over charging 80 for a new cell and 20 for a recharge. This means that it works out at a similar price but recharging is cost effective down the line, however runs the risk of being tempremental.

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Re: Cell cost and depletion.

Mon 05 Jun 2017, 16:45

I would just drop the price for a recharge to, like, 20 birr or something. It doesn't make sense, you're right, that a recharge costs the same as a fresh cell. 
Also, I just assumed the melee weapon cells deplete when 3 Quick Attacks are made, yeah, just like a ranged weapon. It seems to be the only thing that depletes a melee weapon cell.

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