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Using the system for a different setting?

Sat 17 Oct 2020, 20:39

Hey all, a buddy of mine has been looking for a system to use for a setting he created. I originally showed him Stars Without Numbers, but am really starting to enjoy the aspects of what I’m reading about this system. Do you think it translates well outside of the Third Horizon setting? If so, any pointers I can present to my buddy DM? Thanks!

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Re: Using the system for a different setting?

Sun 18 Oct 2020, 02:42

The only things mechanically that would probably not translate (and only for story reasons) is the pushing rolls (praying to the icons) and darkness points. Of course the meta-currency DP can be called anything and function the same. The pushing rolls can also always be pushed. Just what are you going to call it and under what context will the players be doing it.
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Re: Using the system for a different setting?

Wed 21 Oct 2020, 17:48

If you feel want a another mechanic for pushing rolls, try looking up how the rpgs Mutant and Tales from the Loop handle pushing the rolls. The also use the "Year zero"-engine.

Otherwise I would say that the system is quite flexible.
Good luck!

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