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About to run the game for the first time and need some help.

Thu 07 May 2020, 15:46

So I’ve read through The Loop section a couple times and The Dart section(we are playing in Boulder) and still can’t really grasp what the Loop is. So it’s a underground particle accelerator/government science bunker?
Then I get the three looming cooler towers. But what are the gates that are shown on the map? Are they gates into the underground, and are they also big towers?
Thanks for your help!

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Re: About to run the game for the first time and need some help.

Fri 08 May 2020, 04:25

First, wrong section. You posted under Coriolis which is a sci fi space game set in another galaxy. Your looking for Tales From the Loop farther down.

Second, on the surface the Dart/Loop are LHCs. Particle accelerators and atom smashers. It's left vague what ELSE they are, but clearly there is more to the experiments since all the weird tech that comes out of it + monsters + other crap. That aspect of it is left vague on purpose.

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