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Alternate setting ideas

Posted: Mon 09 Oct 2017, 16:10
by senjak

I've been working on an alternate setting for the Loop, one set at Brookhaven National Labs on Long Island. It is a bit of memories from when I was 12 and my family lived there one summer.

Oh, and for inspiration/help with local color I've grabbed several yearbooks from the 1980s from middle schools nearby. Nothing like a set of pre-generated classes, names, and all sorts of other weird details. 


Re: Alternate setting ideas

Posted: Fri 05 Jan 2018, 22:50
by Stibbons
Interesting, I've just picked up a bumper pack of all the various "TFTL" RPG products (from various disparate sources) and am likewise working on a local setting. This would be in South Wales and not be a Loop as such, but an earlier linear particle accelerator, a "LINAC" nearly 15 miles long and based under the South Wales Mountains using old mine workings (ah, those Klystron relays...) called "The Line". While quickly superseded by the circular accelerators it was revived by a pair of "Gravitron Reflectors" manufactured in Sweden and shipped over, with the addition of a  second beam line and the reflectors at each end (each with its own distinctive cooling tower above) it could achieve power levels similar to the lower outputs of the Swedish Loop.

The South Outflow Channel would slip under the Loughour Estuary and the Gower Peninsular, near Swansea, and the old mine workings in Clyne Woods (just behind where I grew up in the 80's coincidentally) would just happen to connect up to them...

Of course the "Gravitron Reflectors" are actually a pair of microscopic black holes and the facility is now more or less dedicated to keeping them contained while weirdness leaks out over the local landscape. The CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board) would be heavily involved (my Dad used to work for them coincidentally). This is all heavily inspired by the 1999 "Doomwatch- Winter Angel" and the old 80s "Edge of Darkness" series. Both bloody good viewing for UK gamers if you can get hold of them.

Tales From The Line. My own setting.

Not that I object to the setting presented in "Our Friends The Machines", using the Norfolk Broads is a stroke of genius, not only is it sparsely populated, but if stray radiation warps the minds and bodies of the locals, no-one would notice. "Normal for Norfolk" indeed...

Re: Alternate setting ideas

Posted: Sat 06 Jan 2018, 17:02
by Iben Stark
I like it, but then I am very fond of Wales.

I'm thinking about placing my UK Loop in North Wales, centered on Llanberis. The idea that instead of a hydro-electrical plant (Electric Mountain), they build a nuclear plant under the mountain to power the Loop.

Re: Alternate setting ideas

Posted: Sat 13 Jan 2018, 22:03
by senjak
Oh wow.  I'd love to see your notes!

Re: Alternate setting ideas

Posted: Tue 24 Apr 2018, 16:17
by Byrax
Here is some "alternative art"...