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The Electric State

Posted: Tue 21 Feb 2017, 17:35
by Björn Hellqvist
Simon Stålenhag's art is the basis for the TFtL RPG, but the game covers just the first art book, "Tales From the Loop". A likely future expansion of the game, covering the early 1990's, will draw on the second book, "Things From the Flood", but that's just the Swedish setting. "The Electric State" is apparently covering the same period from a US perspective. The illustrations are intriguing and evocative, showing people with some kind of VR/AR helmets, robots of all sizes, military magnetrine vessels, and a hint of alternate history with the reference to the "Pacifica State". Something appears to have gone very wrong.

As I mentioned in another thread, it might be a good idea to expand the Kids' ages to 18 years, reflecting the more grim settings and raised stakes. Thoughts?

The Electric State art

Re: The Electric State

Posted: Sat 25 Feb 2017, 06:13
by ysarius
Before going this way, I was trying to find the link between all the pictures.

For now, I think it is still about a child point of view. A child looking at the grownup world where something went wrong (VR submission, uncontested loss of control over the world, other world interferences probably because of the Loop).

Playing older PC means to take a grip over the event and I am not sure that it is all about. I think it is more related to live side by side, to live with all that without really fighting back. Maybe because it is no more necessary. Someone must have stop the Loop machine (expected to be the source of other world interference, maybe the ones from Mutant Year Zero ? ;) ).

So, with this new art book, I think that the RPG should be about playing kids from a new generation. The 80's kids (from the first art book) should become NPC. New PCs has to be created.

What do you thing about this point if view ? Is it a possible one ? I really don't know.

Re: The Electric State

Posted: Fri 03 Mar 2017, 11:35
by Björn Hellqvist
The Electric State series of illustrations suggest a civil war, with the rotting hulks of magnetrine warships, the references to the Pacifica State, and the general sense of collapse. Something made the West Coast break away from the rest of the US. Could it have been an attempt to protect itself from serious problems with a militaristic state or technology gone haywire? We need Simon's captions in order to figure out more, but it suggests a much larger setting than the Boulder City one.

Re: The Electric State

Posted: Thu 29 Jun 2017, 22:33
by Björn Hellqvist
According to Fria Ligan, "The Electric State" isn't set in the same universe as TFtL/TFtF. That makes it easier to write the US setting, as TES is very grim. Those of us who will write the "Things From the Flood" expansion stretchgoal will have an easier time, as the US setting won't be as grim and will be easier to extrapolate from the 1980's Boulder City setting.