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The matter of schools

Fri 13 Jan 2017, 23:50

We ran a first play session today and the matter of schools became quite central for character creation and bringing the group together.

Based by our "alternate-reality" world, there would be a number of primary schools also on the islands of the Loop, such as Skrå, Färentuna, Munsö and Stenhamra, where Kids would go during grades 1-6. Drawing on our 80's school experiences, kids rarely mixed between school, especially when those where in different villages. So during primary school, up until spring the year the Kids turn 13, they would probably be going at the same school and therefore be living in the same geographical part of the islands or otherwise have some other strong connection, such as family bonds or common activities.

There would, like in our reality, be one lower-secondary school in Stenhamra, where Kids from all over the islands would go for grades 7-9, from autumn the year they turn 13 to spring the year they turn 16. This would create new constellations of friends and opportunities to create a character group, especially if the practice was to mix kids from different primary schools as happened in some Swedish towns during the 80's. For our game, we had Stellan the TROUBLEMAKER and Daniela the HICK who had been going to primary school in Skrå who became friends and protectors of Börje the COMPUTER GEEK in their upper-secondary class.

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