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Re: The Loop - construction, facilities and experiments

Fri 06 Jan 2017, 16:48

Here are pictures from Fermilab in Illinois. This is where I'll set up my campaign. The first director of the facility was a Manhattan Project physicist who had also studied sculpture in Italy for a while. He felt the new accelerator laboratory should also have sculptures and be an aesthetically pleasing place to work, to encourage people to want to work there.

Here's a picture of the main building that he designed:
Robert Rathburn Wilson Hall
And another cool photo of it:
Hall @ sunset

Here's a link to the sculptures he designed -- easily repurposed in to ominous machines that the kids will have to investigate or avoid:
Fermilab sculptures

Look forward to learning more about the original Loop so I can figure how to tie it to my setting.
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Re: The Loop - construction, facilities and experiments

Fri 06 Jan 2017, 22:29

The art is an interesting point, although it would perhaps not be the core of a Mystery, but who can tell. Since the 1930´s, Sweden has had a policy that "generally not less than 1% of the building costs" should be used for artistic decorations in government funded projects. There has been som rather big artistic decorations, for example at the different generations of MAX lab in Lund. As Riksenergi is connected to the government and is a quite costly project, there should probably be some major pieces of art somewhere around the Loop..

But just writing this naturally got the inspiration started :) Think about the coming inauguration of this large new sculpture somewhere outside the restricted area, constructed by some up-and-coming artist, incorporating discarded construction parts...
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Re: The Loop - construction, facilities and experiments

Fri 06 Jan 2017, 23:56

That's an interesting, and sad, policy in Sweden. Here, Wilson was praised for not only getting the facility open and under budget, but for his aesthetic vision. Perhaps a director under a Swedish mandate would have to disguise some of these more alien objects with a scientific purpose.

One of the sculptures at Fermilab is incorporated into the reservoirs that gather rainwater for the cooling system for the accelerator and the labs. It's the Archimedes spiral, which perhaps if it were enlarged could provide a labyrinthine session itself.
Archimedes spiral

The Tractricious piece definitely evokes cooling rods to me: I think it would look pretty ominous if one by one, they started glowing red hot, especially in conjunction with warning klaxons.
Tractricious dawn
Tractricious close up
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Re: The Loop - construction, facilities and experiments

Sun 08 Jan 2017, 15:34

i could probably take pictures of the art at maxlab if they havnt moved it since the lab moved out. I work at the Lund university with access to the buildings
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Re: The Loop - construction, facilities and experiments

Wed 11 Jan 2017, 04:18

Some more text submitted for the rulebook; I think some of you might get a kick out of it. About half of it can be found in the art books, the rest are my extrapolations.

Most of the projects and experiments conducted at the Facility for Research in High Energy Physics are secret, which has resulted in a lot of speculation. The nature of some of the anomalies appearing in the area gives some hints, though. The high energies released in combination with experiments with anomalous materials are believed to cause minor and major resonance cascades, which in turn opens rifts in the space-time continuum. The most visible result has been the appearance of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on Mälaröarna, beginning in the later part of the 1980's. Luckily, most dinosaurs have been herbivores, and thus mostly a nuisance for farmers and garden owners, but whenever carnivorous dinosaurs have appeared, the Riksenergi game warden team is alerted. Using JR 17 hunting robots and MSPB 13 magnetrine armored reconnaisance cars, velicoraptors and other pests are hunted down and captured or terminated. The dinosaurs are in high demand for research in paleontology, and zoological gardens have been known to offer substantial sums for live specimens. As the dinosaurs are considered property of the Swedish state, illegal hunting and smuggling are highly lucrative businesses, and the Police is on the lookout for suspicious-looking trucks and ships capable of transporting the animals. The climate during the wintry part of the year causes the majority of dinosaurs to perish, though, and in any case, many succumb to viruses after just a few weeks.

There are rumours of an illness among workers, scientists and other staff working in proximity to the Gravitron. Called "the Loop disorder", those afflicted show symptoms of psychological disorders, including nightmares, depression, rage, alcoholism, drug use, and so on, often leading to suicide. It appears like the longer someone is exposed to the Gravitron, the higher the risk of developing the disorder. Unconfirmed rumours claim that Riksenergi employees fill a whole wing in the Beckomberga psychiatric hospital in west Stockholm.

One intriguing and incompletely understood piece of machinery are the echo spheres ("varselklot"), appearing here and there in the landscape. Steel spheres with a round hatch, ranging from about two to about ten meters in diameter, they are usually painted and sporting isolators and other attachment points for power cables. Some of them spill electronic cables. They can feel warm to the touch (or icy cold), or give off a tingling sensation, cause nausea, or emit flashing light from the inside. Many are carrying a plaque which says "Rogosin Locke Industries, Bethesda, Maryland", while others are unmarked. It is possible that they are used for extradimensional and extratemporal research, as they appear out of nowhere and are often left to rust unless retrieved for unknown reasons. It is hard to tell whether they are active or not. Objects and even humans have been known to enter the spheres and disappear, sometimes returning, sometimes emerging in another place and/or time, and sometimes disappearing without a trace. Unconfirmed reports tell about people having personalities swapped; the risk might be higher if they are closely related, like siblings. Echo spheres are best left alone.
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Re: The Loop - construction, facilities and experiments

Mon 23 Jan 2017, 22:46

The X-Files could be a great inspiration for "experiments". I just remembered one of my favorite episodes:
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Re: The Loop - construction, facilities and experiments

Tue 24 Jan 2017, 02:27

Just a quick reference to the GODEL PULSES (See artbook P118) : known regular disturbance which is a side effect of experiments in the Loop (see the Riksenergi Pamphlet available in each houses).

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