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Weird things

Sun 18 Dec 2016, 04:55

As I mentioned in another post, Stålenhag's paintings resemble the world of my childhood dreams very closely.  As such, those dreams were full of many weird things that might be appropriate for a TftL game.

Matter Control Device - This resembles a folding calculator such as the Casio FX-7500G, but all of the buttons have strange, cryptic labels that don't look like anything from normal math.  As the name suggests, it controls matter, essentially granting the user telekinetic abilities, assuming they can figure out the buttons.  One button that I remember was labeled with something that looked like "LE" and had the effect of freezing an object in place.

Gravity Vortices - Certain locations had anomalous gravitational fields, allowing for an effect somewhat between super-jumping and limited flight.  These locations were rare, had no obvious visible signs of their existence (e.g. there was nothing like the jump pads in a first-person shooter), and would sometimes appear and disappear without warning.  The location of a new gravity vortex would be a great bargaining chip when dealing with other kids who are aware that these kinds of things exist.

Circle Seven - What the Loop was called in my dream world.  I didn't even realize exactly what it was at the time, but it was large, underground, circular, full of scientists, and had tubes of cryogenic liquid flowing through it, so looking back it is pretty clear that it was probably a big particle accelerator.  There were two types of cryo coolant, one called "Red Ice" and the other (much colder and more dangerous) was "White Ice."

The Dog Statue - A large hollow statue of a seated dog, in an obscure corner of an obscure riverside park.  It was home to a pair of genetically uplifted dogs who had escaped from a research facility, and didn't generally trust adult humans, but might befriend a group of kids.

The Radio Beam Network - A network of antennas, shaped like radar dishes, of a variety of shapes, sizes and locations.  They never pointed at the sky like satellite dishes or radio telescopes, and they didn't sweep in circles like radar.  Rather, they pointed at other earthbound antennas, with which they (apparently) communicated.  Some of these were in really odd locations, like sticking out of a run-down tin-roofed shack behind a disused industrial plant.  They produced a sound similar to the Moaners (see below) but higher in pitch, and quieter.

Moaners - These were metal boxes, of various sizes, that would stick out of the ground and emit a weird, low-pitched moaning noise.  (In reality, these were probably just electrical transformers, emitting their 60hz hum, but in my dreams they were more mysterious, and their sound a whole lot creepier).  The moaning could be heard even if you wore earplugs, played loud music, or otherwise tried to avoid hearing it.

Did anyone else have a reaction like this to those paintings?  If so, were there any items or locations in your childhood dreams that might also be appropriate for this game?