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Re: Out Of The Loop [Alternate Locations]

Sun 08 Jan 2017, 20:30

I play tested the first scenario last night and we plopped it into an area we are all familiar with, which is located in California in the United States.  We set the location of the Victor Valley (Victorville, Hesperia and surrounding areas), near Edwards Air Force Base in the high desert.  It maintained the remote feel of the original setting and we were able to quickly discuss where the loop would be located along with the cooling towers and other locations mentioned in the scenario.
Nobody really questioned the Loop being run by a combination of government agencies and many of my players were suggesting how different branches would probably be needed to fund something so large and with so many different possible applications.
I think the original game setting is amazing, but Simon's artwork can really be applied to almost anywhere in the world with a bit of work and some discussion with your players.  Allowing and encouraging a conversation about the setting really worked in my favor as a game master, as it made the players buy into the world a bit easier by feeling they had a say in things, including building the world.
Also, loved having desert scenery like Joshua Trees along the road to describe, plus a large distribution center where the majestic magnetrine ships would congregate to be off loaded onto smaller trucks for local distribution.  We sort of subbed the magnetrines in for a combination of boats and trains, working in the already existing long haul trucks into the background of the scenario to reinforce the transition between the every day and the fantastical.
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Re: Out Of The Loop [Alternate Locations]

Sun 29 Jan 2017, 15:06

I'm from Spain. I try to make my campaign in US only because of my playing group, they prefer the us setting. I think the swedish setting is good. Also Spain in the 80s was a great time. I was born in 1975 so imagine grewing up in a country that has a dictatorship until that year. The 80s are fast and modern, we enter in EU and NATO, in big cities we play videogame in the arcade saloons, watch a lot of tv from usa and uk (lot of them 60s and 70s shows), watch a lot of american movies (action and terror where kid favorites). At that time trere was published the first rpg in Spain; the Mentzer redbox. At the end of the decade the rpgs begin to grow in popularity. Lot of kids had family in small towns and rural areas (usually grandparents or some uncles).. Normally the spend part of the summer with them. With the 80s begin a transformation in the society. Divorces, alcohol, heroin... And don't forget the terrorist band ETA, active in the basque region but making apereances in big cities loke Madrid and Barcelona.  In big cities kisd normally go in bus or walking, in rural and small towns they use bicicle and some fortunate had smal bikes (if they are 14 or more year old). It's easy to buy tobacco, you only had to tell your local seller in tobacco shops that the cigarrettes are for your big brother or sister. Only Barcelona and Madrid had subway, but you could travel in regional train lines for a few pesetas, or take the bus. Kids play in the street with no fear of strangers. Usually both parents work, or the mothers work part.time The 80s had a lot of kids with separated parents, normally in that case the live with the mother and they visit the father every week or so. I remember that school  was good. You begin with 3 to 5 year old as preschool classes. When you are 5 you spend 8 courses in the EGB (Basic General Education), until you had 14. Depending of the grades you go to preuniversitay (3 courses of BUP and 1 year of COU) until you re<ch the university acces exams, or if you had bad grades (Oor want to do something different) take the FP (Profesional Formation) making some years trying to be builder, mechanic, carpenter or so...

Ah, in that time all kids dream to go to Disneyland parks, but it¡s superexpensive, and all love Star Wars movies. Star War figures were treasures, normally we play with Playmobil toys. We has a toy manufacturer, CEFA, that makes excellent board games: Imperio Cobra, Misterio (a copy of Cluedo)... And a company named NAF who makes pseudowargames (Colditz was a big hit).Spectrum and Amstrad were very popular untl the NES came.

Maybe I forget something, but hope you like it and sorry for my bad english :(