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Dungeon in Raven's Purge

Sun 04 Jul 2021, 00:08

Hi, I'm going to start running FB: Raven's Purge and my players want to start in a dungeon somewhere, having all committed some kind of crime. I see this as a great opportunity to throw them into some interesting part of the campaign, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I wonder if you lovely folks have some suggestion as to where these unlucky criminals would end up, that could serve as a good start to the Raven's Purge campaign?

Dungeon as in "place to put criminals", not in the D&D sense, that is.
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Re: Dungeon in Raven's Purge

Sun 04 Jul 2021, 01:17

I think Grindbone would have some sort of "poetic justice" :twisted:
Stonegarden might also be a good one, where they might have done something to anger the dwarves. Great opportunity to send the criminals into the bowels of the Earth, as a means to atone for their crimes?
Otherwise, I'd suggest you roll up a random location, which is always a good opportunity to have some twisted fun.
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Re: Dungeon in Raven's Purge

Mon 05 Jul 2021, 22:10

My first suggestion would have to be Grindbone as well and Stonegarden is also good. If those doesn't peak your interest, how about Hagglers house? As slaves being up for sacrifice. Don't make the running away part too hard either. Make sure they feel like it would be possible to pull it off and perhaps foreshadow it a bit so they can stay for a while in the Hagglers house, "enjoying" the atmosphere, meeting other slaves or key players... Perhaps a minstrel or a priest or two? Might be a good start to get them to know some of the key players of the game. Potentially some three to five of them in their first session. They don't have to know they ARE key players though.
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Re: Dungeon in Raven's Purge

Wed 14 Jul 2021, 17:10

Grindbone is great site and my players keep a great souvenir of this adventure (as the Hollows).

Well if you are looking for an introduction to your campaign and if your group want to start in a dungeon, why you don't home-brew a little adventure ?

Something you can go over 3/4 hours maximum. Adventurers can be prisoners in an unknown dungeon (if it is the first game, you can start where you want). They can meet another prisoner, maybe Arvia of Crombe ? And they need to find a way out through a dungeon. To avoid ? Being transformed in a stew by lunatics from a castle or to avoid fighting in a pit for local population enjoyment.

If you feel overwhelmed, don't be. You also need to have fun. Start with a small dungeon and put them into trouble at the beginning, they will have to think as group in order to survive.

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