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Image available for map from inside book cover?

Tue 06 Apr 2021, 04:57

Is there a digital version, without the hex grid, of the map someone tweeted here that you can find inside the book cover? ... 6239526912

I am messing around in Foundry VTT with having that as the "Fog" layer on top of the colored map of the Raven Lands. So as the PC's move around, they peel back the cover fog parchment map and reveal the real map (with updated towns/etc.) underneath. Problem is, I can't find that map digitally so I've been using the attached twitter picture as a stand in. I could try to take a better picture with my book, but it still wouldn't be correct.

I did find someone who did it WITH the grids here: ... endly_map/

But that won't work as I can't get it to match up exactly so it looks wacky with multiple sets of grids (the fog map grid, the underneath map grid, and the VTT map grid). I need that without the grid but can't find it. Help! :P

Thanks for any replies :)

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