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Hightower -My first Adventure Site

Sun 03 Jan 2021, 16:14

Hi, here is Hightower, my first Adventure Site.

It is an dwarven Tower built to honor Huge. Its abadoned by the dwarfes and was given to the Roka Orcs which use it as capital city,
The Adventure Site is about an old General, his odd childs and his entourage.

Its about poison, murder and a fallen shaman.
Its about orcs, goblins, demons and slaves.
And its about a secrert tomb under the tower ...

It is not completly finished yet. There will be three maps, 1 of the village, one of the goblin lair and 1 of the tomb.
I have to add 1 or two plots inside the site.
And lastly, actuially it is in german.
I will translate it with ponds, but that will take some time.
Here is an older version with some mistakes ..

So, if somebody wants to read it, i would be glad to get feedback.

Thanks, fenhorn for the upload advice ...
Hightower englisch.docx
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Re: Hightower -My first Adventure Site

Wed 24 Feb 2021, 17:51 ... sp=sharing

I updated the german version.
I am playtesting it with my group actually.
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Re: Hightower -My first Adventure Site

Thu 25 Feb 2021, 16:03

Can't wait to read it in English when it's finished :)
Keep up the good work!
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Re: Hightower -My first Adventure Site

Thu 08 Apr 2021, 08:09

I am playtesting the Adventure Site with my group now and will post the development so far as it happens. We have played 3 evenings for about 3 hours and will continue tomorrow.

Session 1: The group: the goblin wolfrider Hulmar;
his grandfather Des (a necromancer who dreams of a kingdom of the undead);
the elf hunter Alari, who is disguised as a goblin (the group is aware of this actually);
the orc shaman Gula (druid healer and shapechanger)
and the wolfing warrior and smith Senlin.

The five guys are hired by the orc peddlar and diplomat Karz in the Eye of the Rose. The peddlar wants them to investigate mystierous death and strange happenings in his home town, hightower. He is speaking in the name of his boss, general Archa, who lost his first wife and two sons in a short time and started to drink heavily.

Session1: The group arrived in hightower in the evening. They checked in the taverne " Archas Jug", where they get 3 chambers. They eat and talk with the crowd in the tavern, mostly with shok, who is Archas oldest son and tavernkeeper. 2 of the group, Senlin and Des, drink heavily with shok, the orkwoman Lamira brings Gula to bed. Shok tells the group when he is drunk that his oldest brother Skogrin had an questionable affair with his brother Gulgrog and Archas favoutie son Brakka was an sadistic asshole. Skogin and Brakka are dead know. Skogrin died on an hunting accident and Brakka had an mysterios illness. Gulgrok was beaten by Archa after the accident and lost his honor, being a slave by now.
The next day, the group is taken by the dwarven masterbuilder Bombar Steinklopfer who shows them the village. He is very autistic and gossips them a lot with his projects and plans. The slaves, mostly the dwarven slaves, loathe him very much. Des leaves the guiding and visits "Clays Home", the Temple site of the village. Here he speaks to the old and blind Necromancer Arine, who seems very unscroupulos about methods in fighting the demon hordes, including the use of blood magic.
After the guiding, the group meets Genaeral Archa in the tower. Archa is there with Karz, the Peddlar, and his second wife, Oscha. In the meeting, Archa starts drinking and Oscha makes out with Archa. Archa gives them the official briefing and order to investigate the death of his beloved wife Shaz, his oldest son Skogrin and his favourite son Brakka.
Then, an offical bankett starts. A halfelfen ministrelslave begins singing and playing lute, and the other guests arrive at the scene. The high shaman Hurgil, the shaman Grax (another son of Archa),the dwarf Bombar Steinklopfer, the chieftain of the allied goblins Gnoblar Hirschkrone, Archas only daughter Burzum and her lover, the commander of the guard Golkar Greattooth.
Des recognizes that the two shamans have strange auras and he makes the sense magic spell. He watches that in their magic Auras, Hurgil has no eyes, but black holes, and Grax has a black fire instead of eyes. Imeadetly after, everybody looks at Des and mumbles somethink. Des Head seems to explode, and his head fells on the desk. He fell to slepp, and his grandson brings him to bed in the taverne.
The rest of the group interacts with the audience. The goblin chief tells them that his shaman doesn´t come to the village anymore (the goblins live in a nearby cavesystem) because he thinks all shamans of hightower are cursed. Golkar Greattooth lets see through that he doesn´t like the way Archa develops since Shaz death and that he is very sad about the loss of his two most suitable sons. Actually, he only seens Archas daughter Burzum (his lover) as suitable heir of the roka tribe. After the bankuett, the rest of the group wents to bed.
In the last scene of the evenings, both player shamans had strange dreams while sleeping. Des dreams of being poisend in the morning in "Archas Jug". He dies, and his spirit sinks in the earth. He comes in a crypta, where a demon beheads him and gives him a wolfhead.
Gula dreams that the tower itself is animated, taking him up with big claws and then tossing him on the ground where he shatters to death. Both shamans waked up absolutly tired and with two damage points on wits.
With that dreams, the curse of the demon Brachios is also on the 2 shamans, but the group is actually unaware of this.
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Re: Hightower -My first Adventure Site

Thu 08 Apr 2021, 13:21

2. Session: We had to play without Senlin the Fighter.
The group spents the morning with syndrael, the magical elven book they found in the secret passage in the eye of the rose. This book spokes to them and shares its knowledge, but sadly, this knowledge is 300 years old, as syndrael lies in the passage this time without getting news from the world.
Syndrael told them its knowledge about hightower, dwarven stonesingers, the god HUGE and the four dwarfen clans. The group is mostly interessted in the crypta system below hightower which they didn´t find yet, but of which Sula and Des dreamed of.

The group decided to start their second day in Hightower with a visit of the goblin lairs. The lair is about 1,5 kilometers from hightower and they take the walk. There, they met with the chieftain and the old shaman. The shaman just throw Des and Gula out of the lair because he said that they are doomed like the orks in Hightower. To the other he said that their aura had no eyes but only black holes. Gula and Des were worried about their magical aura. The others found out that the curse is on all shamans in hightower and that it startes all out two years ago.
While the group returned to hightower, they watch the orcshaman Kavar Storkfoot (a shapechanger who has stork feet- magical mishap) walk the forest, obviously searching something. Hulmar followed him. Kavar roams the forest, shouting after "Tschagg" serveral times. He stopped in the end at a wolf cadaver and examined it. Hulmar showed himself to Kavar and examined the wolf, too. It was killed by goblinarrows and the head was removed and missing (Hulmar remembered Des dream). Hulmar made Kavar get a personal robe of tschag, who is his apprentice and made his wolf greycat follow the track of Tschag. They found a pool of dreid blood in the woods, but no body. The followed the trail, which led to the palisade of hightower. At this side, the palisade had a hidden hole through which the wolfhunter went. Hulmar informed the guard about the hole in the wodden wall which started to fix it. He then followed the track with Karvar to the hospital, where he met the rest of the Group.
Meanwhile, Des, Gula and Alari went back to Hightower. They planned to interview Bombar Steinklopfer about the cellar of the Side. Bombar talked a lot again, but showed them the cellar of the tower, which mostly contains the big kitchen, and then went with them to the hospital in CLAY´s Home. The group entered the hospital with Kavar and Bombar. There they talked to Orban (fat male Ork Healer) and Krina (very small female Ork Healer), after that, they entered the cellar of the Hospital and end up in a huge storage room with a big stone plate in the floor of on edge, The group searched the room intensivly and discovered, that the plate has three holes in it, about 5 centimeter from each other in triangle, each round and about 20 zentimeters deep and 3 centimeters thick. They also found out that the plate was moved recently, because of there was no dust around the plate and in the gap, there was no verdigis like on the rest of the plate.
Bombar and Kavar told them that the plate wasn´t open ever since they remember (and Kavar spent his whole life in Hightower).
The night was breaking in.The group decided to split up. Des was going in his chamber in the tavern to brew a sleeppoison that they planned to lubricate in the 3 holes to stun a possible opener. Alari and Gula decided to observe the hospital to find out if someone enters it at night. Hulmar was tired and went to sleep.
Alari saw the Highshaman Hurgil leave the Shamans Quarter (erected by Bombar) and then leave Hightower through the entrancegate. alari climbed the gate and followed Hurgil into the woods.
Hurgil went to a nearby monolith where he sank down in prayer. Alari simply watched the scene. He heard an arrow fly, and it went straight into Hurgils neck. Hurgil fell over, and another arrow hit into his chest. After that, Alari (in the body of the goblin Gormer) saw that the murderer was a goblin who ran back to hightower.
Alari knew that the murderer was superior to him because of his night vision, and decided not to follow him directy. He made his way to the palisade and then to the hole Hulmar had discovered. The Goblin was already there and tried to pass it. Due to the fact that the hole was fixed, the goblin had to climb the palisade. Alari charged him, but the goblin could escape. Alari managed it to grabble one boot. And here, we stopped session two.

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