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Monsters Fear of fire?

Wed 27 May 2020, 17:16

How would you suggest ruling on monsters being afraid of fire?

I'm creating a new monster that I want to be afraid of fire, but as it's only going to have STR and AGI stats, I was wondering how to make a rule on it?

I don't want the adventurers to just be able to pull out a torch or light their camp fire and scare it off, but I do want to have some kind of mechanic to deal with that? Would I be better off giving it some WITS & EMP score to roll on?

Any suggestions?
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Re: Monsters Fear of fire?

Thu 28 May 2020, 04:56

I would say giving it a wits and emp score is the easiest way. But you can look at bloodlings as an example. They are hurt by and retreat from bright light.

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