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Raven's Purge : Bind Soul

Posted: Sat 04 Jan 2020, 13:48
by Spat
Hello there,
I read this excellent campaign, and I had a question about the BIND SOUL spell which a NPC uses in a part of the campaign :
with the description from the PH, I don't understand clearly how the NPC can switch body.
Does it require 2 uses of the spell (1 for the victim, 1 for the spellcaster to abandon his own body and possess the victim's one) ?
If yes, doesn't that spell give a sorcerer immortality vs aging ? That seems overpowered.
Thanks for your help.

Re: Raven's Purge : Bind Soul

Posted: Sat 04 Jan 2020, 14:31
by Fenhorn
Two castings seems necessary, yes. One to remove the soul from the target body and one to remove your soul to the target body. Technically anyone who do this, will cheat aging of the body (assuming the target body is young and fresh), but the spells are not without risk and he can still be killed with a sword.