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[Spire of Quetzel] Navigating Mazes

Posted: Fri 03 Jan 2020, 00:08
by pytheas
I've been reading the Spire of Quetzel and am wondering how you handle navigating the Silver Maze (and to some extent the Poison Garden). How do you determine how long it takes the players to find the centre? For the Silver Maze, in particular, it seems that every turn spent wandering its passages carries the risk of running into a glass tiger so navigating it quickly is desirable. I'd love to hear how you've handled this in your games (and whether you might do it differently next time).

One thought I had is to use scouting rolls with the number of successes indicating the amount of progress made, which would count towards a total required to reach the destination (the centre, the entrance, or some other point of interest discovered on the way).

Re: [Spire of Quetzel] Navigating Mazes

Posted: Fri 03 Jan 2020, 00:20
by Emperyan
I was toying with something like that... count the minimum number of corners needed to make a "perfect" run and you've got your number of Scouting successes needed.
It really depends on whether you want them to face one of those tigers though... I'd say a "quick run" would be 3 successes and "hard" would be 5.

Re: [Spire of Quetzel] Navigating Mazes

Posted: Fri 03 Jan 2020, 01:02
by pytheas
Yes, those tigers are nasty, especially if the players happen to be short on blunt weapons. But the way I see it there has to be a risk of encountering them, otherwise, that seems a bit cheap. Also, meeting a single tiger while exploring the maze may help the players to realize that they may not want to mess with the entire pack should Quet-Faeren summon them.

I was thinking that a failure on the scouting roll could signal an encounter with one of the tigers.