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Advice for Impromptu Summoning Rules?

Thu 02 Jan 2020, 23:16

I've got a sorcerer character who's Dark Secret got him entangled with Krasylla in a kind of master / apprentice sort of relationship. Now Coin (the character) has found himself trapped in the Knight's Hall in Weatherstone, left for dead and has reached out to his master for rescue...

What I've got in mind is that Krasylla will send a demon minion if Coin can perform a summoning and open a portal. Coin has Path of Blood 1, Path of Death 1 and Lucky so I don't think the rolls will be too bad. I mean, he's already Broken and I didn't want to just kill him outright...

Here's the rules:

Krasylla summoning rules:
Step 1: Fail an Empathy check to begin the ritual.
- if the Empathy roll isn't failed it can be re-rolled until the character is Broken. Normal Empathy rules apply but no further roll is needed to progress to step 2 if the character breaks them self attempting the ritual.

Step 2: Roll on the Slash Critical table to get at your blood. (Again, Coin is Lucky, so he probably won't cut his own leg off. Probably)

Step 3: Spend 1 WP and roll on the Magic Mishap table to open the portal. Mishap results still apply.


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