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Setting fire to 100 units of wood on a wagon to kill an Ent

Posted: Sat 23 Nov 2019, 13:11
by lupex
The party are about to take on a murderous Ent, 2 giant mutated badgers and a load of villagers in a bid to bring peace and harmony to the village, and to do away with the questionable tradition of gifting criminals/orcs/goblins to the tree once every new moon.

The party have so far excavated a large cave under the tree by using the Earthquake spell, but have woken the tree and the badgers and the villagers will arrive in a few rounds.

As the title says, the party have 100 units of wood loaded on a wagon at SHORT range, and also have a few litres of lamb oil. How would you handle them setting the fire and moving the wagon to the cave to set fire to the tree, how long should it take? What skills or difficulty come into play, and what obstacles should I put in the way?

This will likely be the end of season 1. 😀

Re: Setting fire to 100 units of wood on a wagon to kill an Ent

Posted: Tue 26 Nov 2019, 20:05
by lupex
It all went as expected. The earthquake spell woke both badgers and the tree, whilst the party used their lamp oil to set the wood on fire and begin to push it towards the newly widened cave beneath the tree.

The badgers ran out and attacked two of the party whilst the tree yawned and woke up (it wasn’t due to wake for another 5 days).

A fight ensued between the badgers and three party members, being about evenly matched. The flaming wagon rolled slowly towards the tree, it trying to attack the two adventurers pushing it and also trying to destroy the wagon. The wagon almost got stuck but the Wolfkin made a massive effort and pushed the wagon into the damp cave, the tree attacking the Orc because it was now pretty angry.

The Wolfkin and the Orc continued to trade blows with the tree, the badgers took down two of the party and were about to gang up on the remaining adventurer when a horn blew from the village and a mob of angry villagers rushed towards the fight. They arrived just after the tree was slain and the fire finally took hold in the damp cave. The badgers possession dimmed and they ran into the forest, free mammals.

Although the villagers were confused and angry they reluctantly allowed the adventurers to gather their wounded and head off into the forest to recover.

To be honest, it was pretty epic.

Re: Setting fire to 100 units of wood on a wagon to kill an Ent

Posted: Thu 02 Jan 2020, 23:22
by Emperyan
Sounds pretty epic lupex! Thanks for sharing the story, just catching up on the forums here and it's always cool to hear what folks are up to!