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Re: Rolling for Lore

Wed 18 Dec 2019, 12:26

Thanks for the idea but I still have trouble figuring out what to do with the Lore skill.

1. you have to give players the Lore handouts or the game doesn't proceed. That's how you get them to the adventure sites and have them learn about the artifacts
2. most of the Lore handouts already HAVE at least one falsehood or something slightly wrong about them
3. In most cases I can't think of something false to tell the players on failure AND that's silly anyway since they KNOW they failed the roll.

I like the idea of only allowing group helping roles or rolls within / modified by their background.

Can you think of some kind of house rule that might help me?
hello! I do it like this:

I never allow to help in this check as it will be redicilous (why bard need to improve his skill as he can just ask for help to rise his chances to get JUST ONE 6 on dices)
I never give them papers with legend (it works bad), but dived the story in it by three parts.
I tell the character just part of story with one 6 on dice, little more with two 6s and all story with three 6s.
Even more, I try to change the tone of story and mislead something depending on class of character.
Bard will hear story of love. Fighter strory of loyalty.
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