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[Raven's Purge] Do Nothing the Best Option

Sat 09 Nov 2019, 20:54

Once Stanegist is in play isn't the best option for the players to do nothing and let one of the NPC's get it? If the Orcs get it, they'd fight the demon/demon allies - they certainly would be better than the rule of the Rust Brothers. Most of the bad guys are demon tainted so if they get the crown it will drive them nuts (Demonic Insanity). I guess it's good to know they can throw it in the protonexus.
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Re: [Raven's Purge] Do Nothing the Best Option

Fri 08 May 2020, 12:24

Well, not everyone knows that that will happen. The players may not know. Also, an insane Zytera stalking the countryside with lots of raw power and rage isn't exactly a 'win' in most people's book...all you've done is create a deadly beast that will destroy anything it comes across.

And if the players want the crown and want to rule...they can't exactly just sit there and do nothing...
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Re: [Raven's Purge] Do Nothing the Best Option

Tue 26 May 2020, 10:39

Also, even if one of those outcomes is desireable by the party, if they want a particular one to occur, they are probably going to have to work for it!
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Re: [Raven's Purge] Do Nothing the Best Option

Tue 26 May 2020, 14:26

You ought to know how invested in the power struggle your players are. There is an important nuance that would drastically change what would be advisable:
  • PCs wish to remain bystanders of the conflict. They are certain they will adapt and get by whatever happens.
  • PCs hope that things will turn out OK (ie. not a demon overlord), but are not willing to really take sides or risk their lives.
The trick I use to "balance" things out and bring back players to being actors of the conflict : thwart their expectations.

For option #1: PCs probably have some plans for themselves. « Let's cut ourselves from the world, or start out some secret society that will enable us to survive and thrive ».
What could you do? Well, let them make plan, build their stronghold/secret hideout/recruit followers/whatever. Let them thinks it's going to work out. Then, make a in-game event in which you reveal their plan is not going to work out. Someone it out for them and that someone is probably going to rule the land… PCs are then compelled to act, and may end up looking for allies (which might make them regret their former neutrality).

For option #2: maybe they are thinking « Well, those Orcs seem pretty decent. Looks like they can manage on their own. »
That's a fine line of reasoning, but change the game so that the situation becomes threatening to the PCs or what they hold dear.
  • Maybe those orcs doing that well. Maybe they were betrayed, or they're been hit pretty hard by a cunning enemy…
  • Okay, orcs have a good shot at it. But a new warlord from a rival clan has taken over and Soria was made prisoner or executed. The new emperor is burning with hate and resent, and once he's done with those demonic abominations, he very well plans to take revenge for the enslavement of his kind.

To summarize, that's what I'd do: whenever players think that their involvement is not required, that their interests are not threatened, change that!
Betrayed, hunted, or otherwise facing impending doom, they will be compelled to act.

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