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Re: Increasing Talent Costs

Thu 14 Nov 2019, 16:05

I've been talking in the discord about how to put the brakes a little on PCs picking up talents. Figure I'd put it down here as well:

My idea is basically to increase talent rank xp cost by 1 for every new talent the PC requires to encourage specialization and to keep specialization somewhat special. Base cost would be 3xp.

So 1st-3rd talent is 3/6/9 as is default RAW.
4th talent is 4/8/12
5th talent is 5/10/15
6th talent is 6/12/18

New players could still work out their niche early on and feel like they're getting somewhere but as PC's get more experienced it's going to require more and more for them to continue to get and master new talents. I haven't yet put much thought into treating skills similarly because it seems that PC's currently favor buying talents over skill dice - plus skill dice are capped at 5 anyway and limited by successful use in a session.
I think this was a very good suggestion.

 I migth start with the cost of 5/10/15 for the first five talents, and then go on to 6/12/18 at the sixth, 7/14/21 for the seventh etc. I think talents are very powerful in the game, and defenitively worth more than 3/6/9. Progression RAW seems slightly too fast to hold up for a long campaign of 20+ sessions. 
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Re: Increasing Talent Costs

Thu 14 Nov 2019, 19:21

Yeah exactly, this is primarily a concern for longer campaigns. For a limited campaign RAW seems fine.