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Teaser legends for The Bitter Reach

Sun 29 Sep 2019, 10:25

Hello all!

The Free League gang is holed up in Gothenburg at a big and for them very important book convention where they are showing off their impressive stuff to retailers and other intrerested parties. Since they can't do the layout of the teaser legends until wednesday, I have been given the green light to put them up here on the forums. Please note that this is pre-edit text, just my raw output, typos and all. 



The old man looked at the adventurers. They were all huddled around a sturdy oaken table in The Happy Pig inn, in the village of Wayscross. A delicious smell of bacon wafted room from the kitchen and through the room. The friendly chatter from the local clientel stood in stark contrast to the dark and serious look on the elder’s face. 

”You are in trouble with the rust brothers, eh? You have stolen one treasure too many from them, have you? And now you want to know where you can hide?”

He downed his tankard with impressive speed and slammed it down on the table. The adventurers jumped from their seats and looked furtively around. The man continued his ramblings.

“I know a place, far away from here, a place where neither Rust nor Heme can reach you. A place where you can win even more treasures than this paltry catch. So let me tell you a tale …”

If the player characters have started their adventuring in the Ravenlands, the game master might want to let them know about The Bitter Reach quite some time before they even start thinking about going there.

In this short document you will find two legends that you can seed to the players whenever you feel it to be dramatically appropriate.
The two legends are diametrically opposite in tone. Which one is closer to the truth is virtually impossible for the adventurers to divine without going to The Bitter Reach themselves.

Legend: The riches of the Bitter Reach
Go north, young fool, go north if you seek riches to satisfy your greed and cravings for adventure. 

It all began a score and more years ago. The storms that ravaged the Bitter Reach became stronger and fiercer than ever. The ice started to wander and to crack. Fire belched forth from abysmal crevices in the ground.

From the forgotten depths, ruins from an ancient time slowly rose; towers, keeps and caves that ran for miles and miles under the vast glacier.
The remnants of a forgotten past were unearthed. It was the ruins of a rich folk, and their treasures were now laid out for all to claim, had they but hearts filled with bravery and arms strong as steel. And it still lies there waiting for you.

So go north young fool. Under the mountains or through the Stillmist. Go north. For riches and adventures, or for death in winter’s cold embrace.

Legend: The Golden Coast
They call it The Golden Coast, the land north of Ravenland. It is a land free from oppression, free from toil and sweat. It is a land where you can build your own future without having to look over your should to see if the rust brothers are skulking in the woods.

Up north the soil is black and rich, and the cold sea is teeming with fish. The hunters of the land ride tamed white bears and they hunt wolves with furs of pure silver thread. And by the light of the stars gold and diamonds glitter in abandoned ruins on far away mountain tops.

Find a captain that will sail from Alderland or Far Vivend, a captain that wields one of the ancient weatherstones. Only then can you set forth for the riches of The Golden Coast!
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Re: Teaser legends for The Bitter Reach

Sun 29 Sep 2019, 20:17

Nice... I like the legends :)
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Re: Teaser legends for The Bitter Reach

Sun 29 Sep 2019, 21:38

Awesome, I will drop one of these into play next session.
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Re: Teaser legends for The Bitter Reach

Mon 30 Sep 2019, 02:48

This is fantastic, thank you.

For my first experience with the Bitter Reach I'm thinking I'll probably do a brand-new campaign. But maybe it'll be a campaign that starts in the Forbidden Lands. That would make for a hell of a journey.
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Re: Teaser legends for The Bitter Reach

Wed 02 Oct 2019, 03:16

Excellent and greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Magnus!
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Re: Teaser legends for The Bitter Reach

Mon 14 Oct 2019, 21:51

Bravo, big thanks Magnus!

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