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Adventure Site: Ambercall

Mon 14 Sep 2020, 23:59

Another adventure site designed for the campaign. Then it turned out that the adventurers didn't go there, lol!

Ambercall (Village)
This Village, with 398 inhabitants, was constructed During the Alder Wars, almost 331 years ago. It is ruled by a Cruel Mayor and is plagued by Undead (in the nearby Hexenwald)..

Ambercall is famous for Craftsmanship and is Full of Flowers. It has 7 main institutions, which include; 1 Smith, 2 Mills, 1 Tavern, 1 Inn, 1 Trading Post, 1 Forester, but there may be others. The village sits between the Dankwood in the West, the Crombe lands to the North, Elvenspring lands of Vivend and has Ailanders to the south. As a crossroad between 4 cultures, it used to be a major trading hub.
The Roaring Man, is a welcoming Inn with a stomped floor. They are generous with Blood soup and a Scarred treasure hunter sits in the corner.
At the Tavern, The Wailing Bear, there is a nice dog. Salt bird is a speciality and an Old war veteran sits in the corner.
There is a small, very deep lake inside the old city walls. On the bottom, there is a lot of amber from dead trees. It is harvested by divers. The water is dead and crystal clear.
The city glows in the dusk.
Was the biggest city after Varasa due to its strategic location well away from the frontlines. The Blood Mist caused a horrible famine, 1000s died, and many elves left during those horrible years, when the population was reduced to cannibalism. Nature has reclaimed a lot of the areas that were once the city. Humans never talk about the horrible years, and have “forgotten” that time. Now that the Blood Mist has lifted, the village might well grow into a major trading hub again.
Elvenspring - 40
Crombe dwarves - 29
Stone singers
Elves- 20
Ailanders - 89
Quard Aslenes 20
Horse masters
Ogres - 20

Mayor is always a human
Academic, who smells bad, and is squeamish and weepy. From the Peddler’s Guild. Man.
Bitter because all his ideas are voted down all the time. Lashes out against other people to compensate.
Old. Widower since 25 years. She was an elf, died in an accident. Her ruby is lost at the bottom of the lake.
No Children. Lost his joy of life.

The council of 13 guilds. Each guild has 13 members.

Was a good friend of Nirinda’s

Higher Guilds
Dwarf. Noble. Crombe Clan. Scarred face. Dreaming about a family and a house and will do anything to get it! Sacrifice

Elf. Lazy. A brilliant storyteller. Spends way too much time at one of the taverns. Lets someone else run the guild. Daughter gives him experimental drinks to consume.
Blooming Mind. XO is an elvenspring. Towering. Too sensitive for this cruel world. Cries every night for the lost flowers. Has to be a druid who speaks to plants. Has a connection to one of the witches in Hexenwald.

Elf. Constantly eating. Think Rusty. Has a theory about the world. Wants to tell everyone about it. Therefore, does not get much done as a guild leader.

Man. Elvenspring druid with the power to get gills. He hears the amber? Feels freedom under water. Hateful. Believes he or she is being followed.
Married to another diver. Human. Ailander. 3 children. Oldest is a diver. Younger/ middle child is gone, an adventurer like you. Youngest is gardener.

Dwarf. Desperate. Hates a competitor and will do anything to get rid of him or her.



Lower Guilds
Elvenspring. Very Tired. Old. Will do anything to achieve their dream. Anything.
Quard Aslene. Drunk. Will take over as mayor.
Food makers
  • A local boy has gone missing. His friends had dared him to venture into an old, abandoned cottage in the woods outside town. That was the last they saw of him. He is in Hexenwald. He is hiding there in a cabin..
    A shopkeeper, while renovating the cellar of his business, discovers a strange, stone door behind a shelf.
    A man in a long black coat and wide-brimmed hat hastily checks out of an inn. As he rushes out the door, a small vial of swirling green liquid falls from his pocket.
    A cloaked woman in a dark corner of the tavern tells the party he has work for them but promptly dies, a dagger in his back and a sealed letter in her hand. She was a sister of Heme, killed by a Rust Brother?
    The caretaker of a local cemetery is screaming that there are people in the mausoleums scratching at the doors.
    Two guilds are fighting for control of the glen with the most rare and beautiful flowers. The adventurers get hired to protect it.
    An apothecary has run out of a certain type of ingredient that is desperately needed for a potion. This ingredient is very rare, only available in the Hexenwald. Or in the mountains to the south.
    They find a journal under the bed at the inn. It’s written by someone unlucky in love. He is plotting to harm his rival so he gets very ugly indeed.
    A prestigious bardic college stands accused of manipulating events to write more interesting stories and songs.
    A lovelorn man drinks away his sorrows in a tavern because his bride-to-be was kidnapped by Bone Ferrets along the road after a picnic, and he is too cowardly to rescue her. He needs help

Merigall has an offspring in Ambercall. This woman, Audrhildr, is an apprentice of the druid’s guild, foppish, Likes to touch people as if old friends.

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