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Best way for players to pick characters without spoiling agendas?

Thu 15 Jul 2021, 02:01

Hey there! A bit new to the game, I've played other RPGs before, but never games with agendas, nor games where I wanna use pre-written modules =)

So, as stated above, I'm interested in playing this game using mostly the pre-written cinematic scenario modules provided by free league themselves, I'm still reading the book and trying to get things ready to try out Hadley's Hope, and as it happens that included story comes with 5 pre-written characters, all of whom have pre-established agendas. Now 3 of the 5 character's agendas involve keeping a secret of some kind (Sigg wants to get Yutani the alien, Hannah Singleton is a Yutani plant trying to cover up the situation of the colony and keep an eye on Holroyd, and Holroyd knows what's going on but can't talk about it) and by extension, it'd be best for the story if the only player that knows about the secret agenda is the one playing the character.
The problem is that my players must read the character descriptions in order to know who to play as, because if they only get the surface level description of each character, I'm worried they might end up not having fun, since their character isn't quite what they expected it to be once their secret agenda is revealed. I know a possible solution is to randomly pick who plays who, but I think the game would be more fun if everyone gets to pick, you might also argue that my players should pretend they don't know the agendas for the sake of the story, but I know them and they won't be able to do that.

So what I'm wondering, is if anyone has a good method for letting players choose what characters they wanna play without spoiling every character's secret agenda.
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Re: Best way for players to pick characters without spoiling agendas?

Thu 15 Jul 2021, 03:19

I would suggest to show the picture of the character + full name + function and job + age + personnality ... nothing more. So you keep everyone in the dark not knowing anything.


Cut the personal agenda from the character sheet and give them hand to hand when characters has been decided.
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Re: Best way for players to pick characters without spoiling agendas?

Thu 15 Jul 2021, 06:17

Agreed! I'm about to run Chariot of the Gods, and I gave the players the list of job functions. If they showed interest in one, I showed them the portrait and gave a little more info. They had to lock-in their choice before they saw any more.

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