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Frontier War - Mission 1 Operation blaze of glory play report

Wed 07 Jul 2021, 06:59

Frontier War Campaign
Operation blaze of glory
On O'Bannon's World


PCs are ordered to find the UAS Glory. A Hospital Corps frigate that was shot down over the jungle moon of O'Bannon's World. The moon has no sun. it's a perpetual night down there. Starlight comes from the gaseous Jovian Giant aside. An Weyland-Yutani representative (Mr. Ganon) is joining for the mission with the 2nd platoon Section A flying with The frigate USS Tambitam. Mr. Ganon is actually there to secure the flight recorder and help any survivors. Mr. Ganon is carrying direct orders from General Vaughn.

Gear requisition

PCs have access to their standard gear for the mission. APC is not granted. The Dropship (NO GUTS NO GLORY) is loaded with 3 drums of QTC to destroy the wreck. Each PC is supplied with an Armat type 4 Breach charge.

Mission briefing

After the marines awaken from cryosleep in orbit over the moon of O'Bannon's World. The CO platoon commander (Lieutenant William Hope) is addressing them. "Morning marines, time to earn your paychecks. Six weeks ago, the frontier hospital corps ship UAS Glory ran into trouble and went down in the jungle over O'Bannon's World. This moon is a bitch, it's an eternal night down there. Now you get to find the ship. Mother can't confirm the exact location because of damn magnetic interferences. Mr. Ganon is here to help you find the Glory. He has a P-DAT mapping device with the transponder codes. this is a search and rescue mission. Dropship will deploy you over the site. Get in there, grab the Glory's flight recorder, extract any survivor and blow her to hell. Surface-to-ship transmissions on the moon are impossible. So the Dropship will land and wait. Your team is on its own down there".

Insertion in the atmosphere

PCs dropship (NO GUTS NO GLORY) enters the atmosphere. All comms crackle and pop. Signals to the Tambitam are now impossible. From a small work-station located aft the Cheyenne's cockpit, Mr. Ganon is scanning for the Glory's transponder signal. He insists on entering the codes himself. Mr. Ganon and PCs find the signal instantly and the location is downloaded in Ganon's P-DAT mapping device. The dropship is savagely attacked then by an unknown spacecraft. Dropship's sensors are shaky from the magnetic interference but pilots are confirming that it's a UPP MIG 730 Interceptor. The dropship left engine is seriously damaged again by a bad hit from the MIG's gatling cannon. The attack lights up the cockpit and the pilots (Corporal Hiller and Crew chief Daniel Kash) are not answering anymore. The dropship begins spinning out of control. Sirens warn of an inevitable crash. Synthetic Lance (APC driver and scientific advisor) is rushing miraculously in the cockpit to take control. The dropship receives an incoming message from a second spacecraft. "This is UAS El Diablo, do you need assistance, please respond", (from an unknown voice). Synthetic Lance sees a G-Class Mantis firing 2 Short Lance ASAT missiles at the MIG 730 Interceptor. It's a lucky shot. The MIG crashes and is wrecked. Synthetic Lance managed to regain control and stop the crash. The dropship has landed but engines are out (no repair possible). The section must continue on foot and the 2 pilots are dead.

Moving out in the jungle

On the ground, PCs gather themselves. Magnetic interference makes it impossible for them to get in touch with the Tambitam. And the mysterious G-Class Mantis craft has not reappeared. Mr. Ganon is suggesting to find the Glory and use its "high tech" transmitter to call for help. The Glory is only 6000 meters away (it's about 60 minutes to walk). He's very secretive about the P-DAT, insisting that he does the tracking himself. The (2nd platoon Section A) marines enters the jungle. The 1st squad (Corporal Biehn, private Ricco, Smartgunner Jenette and first-class Paxton) leads the way. Mr. Ganon, Sergeant Matthews and Synthetic Lance follow. The 2nd squad (Corporal Scott, private Tipping, Smartgunner Rolston and private Steedman) is last.

"I'm scanning for a break in the brush", (says first-class Paxton). "If this is anything like the Amazon, good luck", (says Smartgunner Jenette). Despite being in permanent darkness, marines torchlight are showing the tropical geen foliage. Marines enter an open area with tents and campfire lights. "I'm still not detecting any biosigns but there's a ship less than 50 meters in that direction", (says first-class Paxton). Then, 3 men and 2 women come out of a tent. "And you shouldn't detect anything. We have camouflage suits. My name is Captain Wincott. This is my pilot Flowers. A mercenary called Perlman. My chief mechanic Pinon and our synthetic Winona. We are the crew of the UAS El Diablo. We gave you a helping hand, remember", (says Captain Wincott). "Thanks very much, what are you doing on this strange moon and I'm curious why our sensors didn't detect you", (says Corporal Biehn). "We use jamming sensor camouflage suits. They keep the wildlife and the UPP from spotting us. We are hunters. The Running Flatfish is pretty good down here. Would you like to try some", (says Captain Wincott).

Everyone gathers around the campfire and shares a meal. "This planet is no one's territory but it's a special place for us. Running Flatfish meat is one of life's great pleasure. There are higher native humanoids here. We protect them. People call them "GHOSTS". They are impossible to find. And what are you doing down here", (says Chief Pinon). "We are on a mission. We have to find a ship, collect the black box and help any survivors. We lost our only means of transportation. I offer you $25,000 to help us and get us out of this moon. What do you say", (says Mr. Ganon). "Of course, certainly and we offer the fish for free", (says Captain Wincott).


PCs start moving out in the jungle with the UAS El Diablo crew. They suddenly find themselves under heavy fire. "Come on Rolston, let's rock", (says Smartgunner Jenette firing her big gun). Unknown military forces attack from three zones away with RPG and automated assault rifles. A successful hit on Corporal Scott (2nd squad leader) ignite the Armat type 4 Breach charge causing it to explode violently. She died instantly. Ricco and Paxton activate their RPG rockets and open fire. El Diablo pilot Flowers receives shots from an automatic weapon and she's in bad shape. Everything calms down. The enemy forces retreat into the jungle. Inspecting the site, they find some clues. " Ya it's UPP Komaszylo commandos again, I hate these guys. All they do is killing the native humanoids (the GHOSTS people) and steal theirs resources", (says Captain Wincott). Wincott asks Chief Pinon to return to the El Diablo with Pilot Flowers since she's in bad shape. Synthetic Winona returns with them too to secure the ship and await their return.

The Wreck

The jungle canopy has grown over the wreck, obscuring it from craft flybys. The ship itself is in fragments with only a single hull section still intact. it looks flooded, thickly overgrown with local vegetation and rammed into a steep mud bank. The crashed ship has been down for six months, not weeks. And it's most certainly not a USCMC Hospital Corps Ship. "There you see, it's called the SSV Glory of the Proletariat. It's an UPP ship. It's nasty to lie man", (says Fist-class Paxton looking at Mr. Ganon). Mr. Ganon is showing them the sealed P-DAT authentificated orders signed by General Vaughn herself. "You see, I'm covered. it's the same mission. Secure the Glory flight recorder and help any survivors", (says Mr. Ganon). "OK that's fine, we carry on sweethearts", (says Sergeant Matthews). "We can access the ship at the Aft Engineering Airlock", (says Mr. Ganon looking at his P-DAT mapping device).

Aft Engineering Airlock

"The door is locked and there's no power. I'm taking care of it", (says First-class Paxton taking a maintenance jack to open it). "I just found company for Mr. Ganon. It's a charming sight", (says Smartgunner Janette looking at a flooded cryosleep chamber in the mud). Inside is a skeletal body covered in vines. Inside, the ship is flooded with a meter-deep oily black swamp water. Indigenous plant-life has also spread throughout the central accessway. Mr. Ganon is showing the PCs an initial scan of the ship. "The flight recorder will be in the computer mainframe in front of the ship", (says Mr. Ganon).

Cargo decks and the power station

Port cargo deck is dark and filled with aluminum cargo boxes. Everything is rusted, rotten or spoiled. The starboard cargo deck is mostly submerged in water but there is 2 UPP orange BYK Power Loaders (UPP knock-offs of the P-5000 Power Loader). "These can be used later if we need to bring back equipment", (says Corporal Biehn). The power station is at the end of the central accessway. "Looks like the batteries can be fixed here. I can supply power to the port side of the ship. I'll need 20 minutes", (says first-class Paxton). "OK sweethearts, a 20-minutes break, stay focused, there are dangers everywhere", (says Sergeant Matthews).

The Ghost

Corporal Biehn, Sergeant Matthews, Synthetic Lance, Mr. Ganon and Captain Wincott are walking down the starboard accessway. They are approached by a very beautiful woman in her 30s with indigenous marks on her face and strange eyes (one blue and one orange). She is unarmed and she stares at Biehn. "I'm mother Dinh, Matriarch of the Last Chance Settlement. We are the people of this moon. I want raiders off my moon. Why are you here", (says Mother Dinh). "We are here for the ship. We need the flight recorder and we are here to help survivors", (says Synthetic Lance). "We investigated this wreck a week after the crash and stripped it of rations. No one is alive here anymore. A strange black beast had made this ship its home. But it's gone now. We don't want UPP people on our soil. They steal, they kill. My grandparents suffered enough from them. I want them off my moon. Will you help us", (says Mother Dinh)."What is the beast she's talking about Ganon", (says Corporal Biehn)."Listen, your job is still to retrieve the ship's flight recorder. Any beast that got free would all be dead by now. They were given an expiration date in the Project Life Force", (says Mr. Ganon, assuming they were already aware of it). "Hey Sergeant, I'm ready to try", (says first-class Paxton). Mother Dinh vanished like a ghost. "You better tell the truth for once Ganon", (says Corporal Biehn). They join the others. Paxton has re-powered the port side of the ship.

The computer mainframe

The group is moving port side. The accessway lights now give a better vision. The Mess Hall is flooded. Plastic plates and cups are floating on the oily water. Old photographs and personal possessions are floating further away. The 1VAN central computer terminal room is flooded and offline. But some lights are working. The flight recorder is located but submerged. "It's salvageable but to free it we must work underwater for few minutes. I'll do it", (says first-class Paxton). While he works underwater, Paxton spots a dark smooth curved shape ahead. It has a menacing set of jaws. Paxton comes out of the water alarmed. "Jesus the beast is down there in the water", (says first-class Paxton). Ganon is going white as a sheet. An investigation reveals it's a false alarm. It's a dislodged exoskeleton of a months-dead beast. "That's the Dragon from Robert Morse's banned book man, The Space Beast", (says first-class Paxton). "See, I was telling the truth. It died in this room when its internal clock ran out. The Beast is a bioweapon. We need to retrieve the flight recorder and blow the ship before the UPP arrives", (says Mr. Ganon). "It's the first smart thing you say", (says Corporal Biehn).

Decrypting the flight recorder

After a few minutes, the flight recorder is out of water. Mr. Ganon plugs his P-DAT mapping device and downloads the content. Mr. Ganon shows everyone the scans as he wants to leave the moon. "You're a good boy pal, stay put", (says first-class Paxton to Ganon). The flight recorder says that the bioweapon originated from within the USCMC Project Life Force, and that the UPP has created a program called Darkstar to catch up. The weapon is a creature of extraterrestrial origin that gestates within a living human host. It's designated Xenomorph XX121B, for Biodrone. The Glory intercepted the Project Life Force vessel the SS Snark and stole the Biodrone hosts in cryosleep. "The flight recorder's memory has been erased. I suggest blowing up the Glory now. I'm giving you $50,000 Captain Wincott to protect me and get me out of this moon", (says Mr. Ganon to Captain Wincott). "No Problemo, welcome aboard", (says Captain Wincott). The marines set up the detonation charges near the engines with a 30-minutes delay. They all leave the ship.

The Assault

Outside, the whoosh of a dropship whizzes by overhead. Visual and scan profile confirms it's a Cheyenne. "Guys are here to take us back", (says first-class Paxton). Corporal Biehn gets a bad feeling. "No, there's something off about how the ship moves. Take cover, it's UPP Komaszylo's commandos again", (says Corporal Biehn). It's a Cheyenne alright but it's a UPP Accipiter. The UPP dropship is firing its gatling gun into the jungle canopy to clear foliage for a landing. SOF commandos on the ground start firing at the marines. "All right sweethearts, they are here for the parade, light them up", (says Sergeant Matthews). Janette and Rolson fire with their big chimes. Ricco and Paxton activate their RPG rockets and start the fireworks. Wincott asks Perlman to protect their new guest Mr. Ganon. The Mantis El Diaglo comes out of the trees and launches 2 Short Lance ASAT missiles at the UPP dropship, another lucky shot. The dropship explodes and parts fall to the ground in flame.

A hand takes Corporal Biehn's arm near a brush. It's Mother Dinh. "Will you help us Biehn", (says Mother Dinh). "Yes, we will chase the enemy in orbit if we have to. We will come back to see you soon and make sure everything is OK. We will bring back medicines and provisions. Watch out for the Glory's explosion", (says Corporal Biehn). "You must not forget us Biehn. We will take care of the remaining UPP on the ground. Go and see you soon", (says Mother Dinh). For a moment, Biehn thought he saw several GHOST soldiers moving out through the brush.

The Mantis finds a place to land and everyone gets on board. The ship heads back into orbit and they make sure to contact The frigate Tambitam that a possible hostile UPP destroyer is in the sector. Below, the clouds light up from beneath and the Glory is disintegrated. The Tambitam positioned itself and neutralized the UPP Kremlin-class Destroyer (SSV Vo Nguyen Giap) blocking them. The UPP Destroyer finally leaves and The O'Bannon's moon is once again quiet for a while.

This is Game Mother signing OFF.
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Re: Frontier War - Mission 1 Operation blaze of glory play report

Wed 07 Jul 2021, 07:00

You have all my game documents here :
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Re: Frontier War - Mission 1 Operation blaze of glory play report

Wed 07 Jul 2021, 20:36

Hi Arthur

Thanks for the detailed play report!

Great art and hand-outs, I liked the moody jungle painting and 'El Diablo' stats.

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Re: Frontier War - Mission 1 Operation blaze of glory play report

Wed 07 Jul 2021, 22:35

Yes thanks. El Diablo with Hawker gravity drive ... wait and say when they will use the "military gravity drive" ... I made a younger Mother Dinh more attractive and great relationship with Corporal Biehn ... the game was fun and we had great ideas in the play. Thanks again.

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