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Hope's Last Stand

Sun 11 Apr 2021, 21:28

I was wondering if anyone has any resources associated with the Hope's Last Stand scenario. I've started watching a Youtube video of the scenario being run, but without other resources, like character sheets and agendas, hazards, number of Xenos and their location etc., I don't see how I could run this same scenario for my own group. From what I can tell, it looks like Hope's Last Day but with a different starting location and different goals. Any home brews out there?
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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Sun 13 Jun 2021, 19:20

The best I can do is Seth Skorkowskys review of Hopes Last Day:


It has several images in the review which show you exactly on the maps where the xenos are and he also has quite a few suggestions on how to run the scenario which I'm planning on running this Friday.

I'm sure you haven't missed them but the free league site has downloads which include maps of Hadleys Hope you can download and mark:

https://freeleaguepublishing.com/en/gam ... ?downloads

I just got the game and am super excited to run both Hopes Last Day and Chariot of the Gods. Seth's review of Chariot of the Gods is also full of tips on running the scenario too.
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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Fri 20 Aug 2021, 17:32

I've been wondering the same thing, but without much success. I'm guessing that this is some sort of play test scenario that wasn't widely distributed. I suppose you could reach out to Free League itself and see what they say? The worst thing they can say is "no".

I haven't finished the video myself, but I think it would be doable by seeing what encounters happened where in the video and seeing how the players respond. That should give insights into what the characters are like and what possible foes are out there. You could plug in the rest with Hope's Last Day and with your own GM's prerogative. The biggest asset you need are the Hadley's Hope maps and the basic description of the place which Hope's Last Day gives you. There is another play though of the scenario out there, but it's a podcast with no visuals, but you could glean more from it.

Anyway, this is how I'm planning to do things. Perhaps we could collaborate on this?
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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Fri 20 Aug 2021, 17:41

The author of the Hope's Last Day scenario created three (I think it was three) scenarios that was trimmed down so they could be played in a sitting on a convent. One of the scenarios ended up in the core book. I have no idea what happened to the other two. You could reach out to FL or to the author and ask them directly about it.
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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Fri 20 Aug 2021, 21:47

I asked Free League about it and here is what they said:

Hello Randall,

We shall have to see what the future brings. Hopefully it will be so but I don't have any information on it today.

Kind regards, Jenny

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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Mon 23 Aug 2021, 14:08

I saw this interesting post from one of the authors of Hope's Last Stand and thought it would be a great addition to this thread. It goes over what they were thinking and shows three different scenarios that would/could be part of the a Hope's Last Day mini-campaign. He posted this a couple of years ago on another thread.

"Dave and I read River of Pain and hated it. We too did not like the use of a Marine garrison in the colony. (There was plenty else we didn’t like, but we won’t go into that here.) Newts story from the Dark Horse comics works far better. The three vignettes we wrote this took a different take on the story, influenced but not not centred in Newts story. One of the things we also wanted to do with the three parts was showcase the three different campaign modes. So for space truckers, we had a Firefly style heist; the colonists one was the pretty much what is presented in Hopes Last Day, and then me had a more military one (but focused on the Marshal and his volunteer deputies) about making sure the warning signal got out.

Remember these were meant to be three third acts, so the all the agenda were written (as Hyvemynd says) to race to a finish. But with a bit of tweaking I felt they could work as a three act scenario, with lots of NPCs/spare characters. This is how I thought it would work out, using each vignette as a sequential act.

Act one: Hope’s Last Hand. A lockdown has been announced, colonists are instructed to remain in their quarters while the marshals track down an escaped “snake like animal” that may be dangerous. But our group of disgruntled PCs have other plans. They have lost so much money and shares at the company casino that they hatch a plan to use the lock-down to sneak into the casino and rob the safe. The antagonists here are the marshals militia, out with motion trackers, steel nets, and other inappropriate weapons (stun weapons, maybe a tranq rifle), which they must avoid or be arrested. One event is they might witness something (a captured colonist) being dragged into a conduit on the way to processor one. If they succeed in getting to the safe, they need to hide their haul until the lockdown has blown over. There is a nearby old airlock, now disused since the atmosphere became more breathable, but when they get there, they must deal with the Union band, who use it as a rehearsal space.


Act two: Hope’s Last Dance. Involves a new emergency instruction from the command centre to congregate in a secure repair area in sub level one. The PCs see evidence that the situation has got worse while they have been sneaking around. And at least some of the Union band plead with the PCs to get them (and their instruments) to safety. But now there are more Xenos, picking off stragglers to take to the nest in Processor 1. Otherwise this is like Hopes Last Day, but has have one points out, with different agendas. The ending would be more like the scene in Newts story where the aliens get into the safe room and massacre the colonists.

https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/vi ... uAPq4Ktgb/

Act three: Hope’s Last Stand. By now I would hope that the party is made up of one or two criminals from Hand, a Union band member and the last survivors of the Marshals militia. The agendas suggest all hope is lost and the best that can to is get a message out - quarantine the colony, and call for the UACMC, setting up the movie. They have access to the militia armoury, but they find they need to get to the antenna and repair it, though a base infest3d with Xenos"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4buarmy ... XH&t=5274s

So the comments about Hope's Last Day being a third act make more sense now, but it would appear that Hope's Last Stand is really the final act with Hope's Last Day being more of an Act II sort of thing. I would REALLY like to see this published in some sort of way.

Edit- I added links to YouTube play throughs of two of these scenarios. Hope's Last Dance is a Podcast. I'm still looking for a video of the scenario.
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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Wed 25 Aug 2021, 18:55

You people might be interested in the things I made for the adventure "Hopes Last Day".

There are:
1. Maps (Color, Black & White)
2. Character Sheets (PC, NPC & Empty)
3. Custom Item Cards (+Agenda cards)
4. Intro Movie (Hopes Last Day)
5. Sound Effects (+Alarm message)
6. Skill Stunts & Action Sheet
7. SpaceShuttle Picture

Have a look and see if there are something you would like to use...
Alien RPG - Hopes Last Day

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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Mon 30 Aug 2021, 17:40

The link above doesn't work (Can't link folders), so here are new working links...

Emergency message

Hopes Last Day - YouTube

Hopes Last Day - MP4 file

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4

PC-Hannah Singleton,
PC-Janice MacWhirr,
PC-Morgan Hirsch,
PC-Sonny Sigg

NPC-Maria Hemming,
NPC-Theodora Komiskey,
NPC-Wes Osterman

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Item Front Card
357 Magnum
Blunt Instrument
Bolt Gun
Combat Knife
Cutting Torch
Electronic Tools
Fire Axe
Fire Bomb

Fire Extinguisher
Flame Thrower
Fungal Nodes
Heavy Coveralls
Key Card
M3 Armor
M4A3 Pistol
M41A Pulse Rifle

M56 Smartgun
M316 Motion Tracker
M314 Motion Tracker
Pack of Cigars
Power Cell
RXF-M5 Pistol
37A2 Shotgun
Specimen Jar 1
Specimen Jar 2

Surgical Kit
U1 Granade

Agenda Front

Stunt & Action Table

Space Shuttle Pic

Enviroment Distant Shriek 1
Enviroment Distant Shriek 2
Enviroment Distant Shriek 3
Enviroment Distant Shriek 4
Enviroment VentOpen
Item CuttingTorch
Item MotionTracker Empty
Item MotionTracker_Long
Item MotionTracker_Medium
Item MotionTracker_Short
Weapon Boltgun
Weapon Flamethrower
Weapon Harpoon
Weapon Pistol 1
Weapon Pistol 2
Weapon Pulse Rifle
Weapon Shotgun

Have fun.
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Re: Hope's Last Stand

Tue 31 Aug 2021, 13:46

Many thanks!

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