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Hope's Last Day: does the traitor mechanic work?

Sat 13 Jun 2020, 04:52

None of the other pregens have Singleton as a rival. If the player roleplaying Singleton does nothing suspicious through the entire scenario, then at the very last moment, when the ship has taken off, decides to do something to kill em all, like crashing the ship (assuming Singleton has a reason to prioritize her agenda over her own mortality), wouldn't it feel like victory was robbed from the other players?

What if instead of gotcha surprises, there is a clue of betrayal in someone else's agenda, or perhaps the introduction of some sort of clue of betrayal midway through the scenario? So that everyone can be clued in to the existence of a traitor(or two). To serve as a foreshadowing device that also ups the ante in terms of paranoia.

How do you guys feel about the traitor mechanic in the scenario?
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Re: Hope's Last Day: does the traitor mechanic work?

Sat 13 Jun 2020, 15:53

Sadly I never ran HLD, my guys did CotG then we got straight into campaign play. I'm actually a tad surprised there is a traitor in the scenario, given it's only a single act long. Doesn't seem like there would be much time to actually let the traitor sow some seeds of discord, and like you said, get outed as the traitor or do their big reveal.
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Re: Hope's Last Day: does the traitor mechanic work?

Wed 15 Jul 2020, 10:07

The module's designed to be short and brutal, so it's very unforgiving and there's not a lot of time for foreshadowing and nuance. I don't think Singleton betraying the party at the last minute should be considered a failure state, it's part of the drama, and I don't think it's robbing the players any more than the shuttle being full of facehuggers (the latter is much more likely to kill them, and they're not given much warning at all unless they're quite clever)

That said, while it's not a guarantee (and you're correct for pointing that out,) Singleton's agenda is pretty likely to bring her into conflict with the other characters earlier. She's immediately suspicious of Holroyd, and both of them are trying to cover up the incident; Holroyd's just trying to save his friends in the process. The two of them working together or conflicting with each other is going to cast suspicion on both of them. Similarly, Sigg's agenda is to steal some samples - something that's directly opposed to Singleton (and Holroyd), so if anyone catches him in the act a conflict should be inevitable. MacWhirr wants to punish the company - will Singleton sit back and let that happen? How will MacWhirr react if she discovers Singleton's on their payroll, too?
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Re: Hope's Last Day: does the traitor mechanic work?

Mon 27 Jul 2020, 03:47

I actually love it. In my last group, Singleton was a complete and obsequious suck up for McWhirr. Hirsch was absolutely distrustful of her actions, and that enhanced the conflict and tension during the game. When they finally where able to board the shuttle, the was an Stand Off between Singleton, McWhirr, and Hirsch. I think that it entirely depends on how the the player runs Singleton.
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Re: Hope's Last Day: does the traitor mechanic work?

Mon 27 Jul 2020, 16:25

I found it to add but no detract as the guy who played him in my playthrough was subtle and stored a face-hugger in the jar with the hopes to open it on the shuttle. Amusingly he fumbled getting on the shuttle as the face-huggers got his compatriates which broken his own jar getting him face hugged as he went to retrieve it. In the end, only the synth survived.

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