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Re: Thank You Free League! This game is awesome!

Fri 18 Jun 2021, 03:42

I like the structure. I'm going to be doing something very similar. Alien works really well for this style of play I think. I'm excited to build up a series of connected stories that don't necessarily use the same characters and take place in a variety of environments.
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Re: Thank You Free League! This game is awesome!

Wed 01 Sep 2021, 02:49

Happy to report we have completed the Chariot of the Gods adventure. We went through it with one GM and four other players over the course of three sessions, each about 4 hours in length. Started with the GM running Captain Miller and the rest of the players as the crew of the Montero. I expect the readers of these forums are familiar with the module so I'll highlight a few stand out moments that happened with our group.

I tweaked the Montero's route so that they were going to be delivering the helium fuel to Ariarcus colony as a set up for the future when we play Destroyer of Worlds, but otherwise essentially used the scenario as written. Rye was the secret android. The crew wakes up from cryo, familiarizes themselves with their cargo and avoids getting sideswiped by the Cronus. They come along side and extend the umbilicus, and there is a lot of debate about if using a torch on the stuck airlock is "damaging company property" or not, but in the end they get inside an start exploring the ship. They catch some hard to follow movements on the motion tracker and first assess the bridge before going to the reactor room to try to energize the ship. Davis thinks they see the body the reactor room twitch and immediately locks the door without going inside. The PCs see some grisly sights in the destroyed labs, and then rush to the cryo-pods as the ship's AI beings to wake the Cronus' crew. The crew are immediately taken to the med bay. I knew I had my players really immersed in the fiction when after the bloodbuster birth the first player in initiative's reaction was to try to kick the thing through the door rather than have it in the same room as everyone else. The punting attempt was unsuccessful and Wilson had his neck nearly torn out for his trouble (suit breached!), only saved by heroic medical intervention from Rye. Davis winged the bloodburster with a pistol before it fled into the vents, bringing Act One to an end.

Act Two begin with Davis then turning their pistol on the Cronus crew and demanding answers, bringing the characters up to speed on the innoculation, etc. Clayton convinced Reid and Wilson to come with her to "retrieve data and samples critical to safely resolving this ongoing incident"--which really meant making a break for the armory, storage lockers, and executive suite--while the rest of the characters split themselves between the bridge and the scrubber shaft to begin getting systems back online. Clayton's team was not quiet enough when leaving the armory and drew the neomorph's attention, it promptly killed Reid, and maimed Clayton before leading Rye, Cham, and Davis on a merry chase across the level, where they finally cornered it and torched the neomorph with the flamethrower. The now injured Clayton and the still shaky from his injury Wilson were shuffled off to the Bridge with MIller to oversee repairs. It was at this point that the Montero self-destruct was activated, prompting a race to recover some of the cargo but in the hubub Johns and Flynn got left behind in the bowels of the Cronus as exhaustion and high CO2 was slowing them down. The PCs successfully detached the umbilicus, which unfortunately vented junction A-1 as they had blow torched the corresponding airlock to get it open. Davis heroically piloted the Daisy into the hangar of the Cronus just as the Montero exploded, but the Daisy won't be flying again without lot of work. Flynn's body was discovered bashed to a pulp and Johns was no where to be found. Repairs to the scrubber were completed in record time, and since no one was enthusiastic about going back to the reactor, it was decided to do the space walk first. During the spacewalk Davis, Rye, and Cham were ambushed by the outside abomination, with Davis having their arm torn off and then heroically sacrificing themselves by tackling the abomination, causing both of them to spin off helplessly into the void - first PC death. We ended Act Two with the antenna repaired and a meditation on Davis' sacrifice.

Act Three started with the survivors having congregated on the bridge to discuss how they planned to approach the reactor. The debate was interrupted by a desperate banging on the bridge door with Ava 6 (new PC taken over by Davis' player) begging to be let in before "they" get here! They of course being the Johns abomination and the abomination from the reactor core, who was freed by Johns. The characters debate too long and Ava is followed through the door by the Johns abomination, which rips Ava and Clayton to shreds (Second PC death, sorry Davis' player!). Davis' player then takes over Captain MIller. At this point, the Sotillo docks, and the bridge group uses the distraction of Pin being attacked by the final abomination to finally kill it before reaching a standoff with the Sotillo crew. They reveal to the Sotillo crew that they may have been exposed to the airborn pathogen but negotations for the innoculant break down and the Sotillo crew flee injured and empty handed. The Sotillo is observed to ominously cease to make maneuvers shortly after detatchment, but their fate is left unclear. With the last of the monsters killed, the crew finally restarts the reactor and the AI takes over, locking on the course for Earth. At this point, Rye/Lucas finally plays their hand, allowing the crew to enter the Cronus' cryo pods before causing the reactor to overload. We cut to black after playing the same 10 minutes to reactor overload message the players had heard in Act Two for the Montero.

A successful end with a bang, some loose threads to follow up on (what happened to the Sotillo's crew? Did Lucas go to the executive suite escape pod after sabotaging the reactor?) and a great time had by all. Speaking of loose threads, next time we will return to the unexplored caverns below Ypsilon-14.

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