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CM-90s Corvus Hanger module?

Posted: Thu 26 Dec 2019, 17:17
So I am going to be basing my campaign out of one of these Vessels. I’ve been going over the images of it before trying to work out a layout. I have no idea where an internal Hanger would go in a ship only 54 meters long that somehow has a hanger that can fit a class C-D vessel in it. There doesn’t appear to be any hatch or opening for a hanger to be on the artwork.

Even the CM-88 Bisons don’t have a hanger module, which dwarf the CM-90.

Has anyone managed to make all the modules fit? I’m tempted to take the hanger module out and have a second 250 ton cargo hold as there is concept art of the ship having cargo pods and a rear hatch. Which makes sense for a salvage ship.

Another interesting thing is that the Anesidora has a medbay in alien Isolation, but doesn’t have one in the RPG.

Re: CM-90s Corvus Hanger module?

Posted: Sat 28 Dec 2019, 02:25
by aramis
A 250 ton cargo hold, assuming it uses the same 2.83 cubic meters per ton as wet shipping, is 700m³... not even a 9m on a side cube. Assuming the 4m decks that seem to be on screen for the holds... 11.7x15x4m round up to 12x15x4. One zone.

Re: CM-90s Corvus Hanger module?

Posted: Sat 28 Dec 2019, 19:54
Not worried about the cargo capacity. More that somehow need to fit a Starcub class C size vessel inside it.

The artwork doesn’t show any hanger doors. The Corvus is between 25-36m at it’s widest point from the wikis I’ve seen.

https://thenostromofilesblog.files.word ... -art-3.png