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My game, so far

Mon 23 Dec 2019, 11:24

I mothered our group’s second session last night. I really like how the stress build up when the shit starts hitting the fan.

The group (a medic, a pilot and a roughneck) was hired to discretely transport two technicians to a mining station, search for survivors after an earthquake and most importantly get some drill samples.
The station was recently shut down due to a legal battle with Weyland-Yutani. On the station there is a murderer who has killed the rest of the crew except for a cat and a pilot (who was her lover). He is anesthetized in medbay and the PCs starts waking him up.
Soon they start getting attacked by the murderer (who is a MEDUSA, MEDically enhanced Unknowing Sleeper Agent) while they’re trying to find survivors and repair the drill. The murderer is a small woman but incredibly strong for her size. She’s using the ventilation tunnels to move around in the base.
At the end of the session they finally had all the drill samples and where trying to leave in their vehicle only to be ambushed by a Dog Catcher unit from Weyland-Yutani who is there to capture the MEDUSA and bring her back for evaluation.
The last thing that happened was the roughneck cutting a dog catcher in half with a cutting torch while the others rammed a blocking vehicle to open up an escape route. And the MEDUSA is still lurking behind them, inside the base. Next session will start of in the middle of a fight. Can’t wait...
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Re: My game, so far

Sun 05 Jan 2020, 09:26

That sounds amazing! I like how it's true to tone without actually showing any xenos. Let us know how it goes.