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Custom Scenarios and Templates

Sat 23 Nov 2019, 00:41

If I missed a particular thread for something like this then I'd like to apologize. But assuming I have not... I would like to offer what I've been working on as it comes along.

Currently, I'm working on making a custom scenario. It's a cinematic "one-shot" that should have a more or less complete scenario set-up. At any rate... I've been working on the character template and it's to the point where I'm pretty happy with it so I figured I'd share what I have so far. It's not perfect (as "reverse engineering" the original design is limited without all the layers). But I was able to create an approximate mimic of the PC cards. It's set up as a PSD file. All the layers are named and I also group the bunches of text together to make the editing easier. The Fonts used are Stalker 1, Gill Sans MT, Gill Sans MT Condensed, and OCR A Extended.

The end result should give you the ability to basically make stuff like this (inserting whatever pic you'd like as long as you put it in the right layer and resize it as needed):

https://drive.google.com/open?id=16HjSW ... -s7TkRZmZT
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Re: Custom Scenarios and Templates

Sun 24 Nov 2019, 14:27

Very well done!! Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Custom Scenarios and Templates

Thu 05 Dec 2019, 16:43

Thank you!
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Re: Custom Scenarios and Templates

Fri 06 Dec 2019, 11:59

Thank you for these! :D 
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Re: Custom Scenarios and Templates

Mon 09 Dec 2019, 05:42

Yup. That looks awesome. Thanks very much for sharing.

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