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Thoughts on additional PCs for Chariot of the Gods?

Fri 12 Jul 2019, 22:48

We have a large-ish group of 7 mostly veteran players and they're all chomping at the bit to try out this system.  Given that Chariot of the Gods is for 3-5 players, I'm wondering which of the following solutions would be a better option:
  1. Run the game in two separate sessions - one for three of the players, one for four of the players?
  2. Create 2 additional PCs that start on the starting ship, using the existing characters for inspiration?
  3. Waiting for NPCs to be introduced and hand them off to the two players that drew the short straw at start?
  4. Something else entirely?
I suspect that #1 would be the better option - fewer PCs gives everyone at the table more room to shine and have their special moments.  For those of you that have had a chance to run Chariot, what observations and advice would you have regarding option 2?  Would 7 PCs at start be unbalancing or unwieldy?

We're all experienced TTRPG players, but this will be our first time taking the Year Zero system out for a spin.
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Re: Thoughts on additional PCs for Chariot of the Gods?

Mon 15 Jul 2019, 15:52

#2 Transferring over 2 PCs from the Cronus is an easy solution to have 7 PCs from the start.  The Cronus crew is really there just as canon fodder or as replacement PCs, so in my mind they are free game to cannibalize as needed.

For my game, I also made Lucas, the Synthetic, his own character from the start.

While you would have more players, I would keep the resources (weapons, tools, suits) limited.  This will create tension/conflict among the PCs, which is what you want anyway.
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Re: Thoughts on additional PCs for Chariot of the Gods?

Sun 21 Jul 2019, 08:21

Or you could change the rules around a bit and add the Sotillo ship and the Montero ship arrive at the Cronus at the same time and split the players into both ships. Also you could make it so the Montero gets Damaged and the reactor overloads and you need to abandon it before it blows

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