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Lucas Name Change

Fri 28 Jun 2019, 18:31

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but I think that Lucas should probably have a more gender neutral name in case I want to give the android part to a female PC. Or at least the addition of Lucas/(Name). Not a huge deal but I thought I'd bring it up as a possibility.
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Re: Lucas Name Change

Fri 28 Jun 2019, 19:44

Like Alex or something (I tried to come up with another example but they all sounds ridiculous).
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Re: Lucas Name Change

Fri 28 Jun 2019, 20:52

Gender neutral in english, mostly familiar forms of gender inflected names (common ones in parenthesis)
Alex (Alexander, Alexandra), Sam (Samuel, Samantha, Sam), Wil/Will (Will, Willow, Wilson, Wilhelm), Tom (Tomas/Thomas, Thomasina), Pat (Patrick, Patricia, Pattison),  Mick/Mickey (Michaela, Mickey, Michael), Ron/Ronny/Roni (Ron, Ronald, Ronaldo, Ronalda, Veronica), Mo (Mona, Moses, Moshe),  Ry/Rhy/Rye (Ry, Rhy, Rider, Rita, Ryland, Ari/Ary), Dar (Darren, Darline, Andar, Ander/Anders), Rue/Rube (Rube, Rubella, Ruby), Shaun/Shawn (Shaun, Shawn, Shawna, Shoshanna), Vic (Victor, Victoria, Vicky), Davy (David, Davionne/Davyonne), Andy (Andrew, Andrea, Ander/Anders)

Soren/Søren/Sören is masculine in Scandanavian tongues, but Soren has some use as an English female name in the late 20th C... of the 3 Sorens I went to school with, one was female, but she did use a y - Sorynn.). 

Likewise the Celtic male Sian/Ṡian has become gender neutral in English, pronounced both as shawn and as see-an. The feminine Sionna/Ṡionna is seldom used in US english, but I've seen a number of British Sionna's, one of whom went by Shawn.

Shane is usually male, but not entirely - I've seen one female student with it, and the show Space: Above and Beyond had a female character named Shane.

Jen (from Jennifer) is commonly female in English, but seems to be a fairly common european male name in both Jenn and Jens forms... but the pronunciation is different
Michel/Michelle - seems to be genderless in French (including Cajun and Qebeçois), but in English is usually female.
An unusual but legit english pairing: Tam (Tamerity, Tamara, Tammy)
Sue or Su is apparently genderless in Hmong, Thai, and Lao families (I think it may in fact be an ordinal), but commonly female in English (Susan, Susanna, Sue), tho' the occasional male Sue in English is known.
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Re: Lucas Name Change

Sat 13 Jul 2019, 13:30

I felt that way at first, but then I started thinking  'Lucas' was the character's last name or just a code name.  Nearly all of the other characters and NPC are referenced by their last name.
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Re: Lucas Name Change

Fri 22 Nov 2019, 23:35

True. And it's a code name. So what better than to go by a code name of the opposite gender. That would make you even harder to figure out to be honest.

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