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Morse code, a Scenario

Wed 05 Jun 2019, 18:42

I’ve been playing and running Aliens games for years, different home brews using whatever system was available and holding everything together with duct tape. I wanted to share one of the scenarios I ran, way back in ‘90s. It picked up shortly after the events of the third film. I called it Morse Code(awful), and it was basically my take on what Aliens 4 should have been(although that film hadn’t come out yet).

It’s primarily a corporate espionage/heist story centred on a team of Ronin(my name for freelance “ladies and gentlemen of fortune” in the Alien universe) exfiltrating Robert Morse from a Weyland-Yutani black site to be debriefed by an unidentified competitor that hired the team. Of course things go very wrong.

Players should stop reading at this point.

Opening scene
All the characters are waiting around a table in a nondescript conference room that’s rented by the hour. The room is clean and secured from surveillance. An Android enters the room and sits in the empty seat, she appears to be a secretarial model in a cheap nondescript grey suit. She begins the briefing with no preamble.

“You have been contracted to infiltrate a secure Weyland-Yutani facility on the world of Meridian, deep within Weyland-Yutani territorial holdings. You will then exfiltrate an asset off world to a secure rendezvous.”

According to the dossier, Meridian(a world the players haven’t heard of) is suspected of hosting several black facilities. The world is tidally locked with its host star so one side always faces the sun and the other is in perpetual night. All the facilities are located in the twilight region between the day and night side. The world is subject to intense weather activity due to its orbit. Although the surface temperature and pressure in the twilight region are near human standard and don’t require EVA suits, an oxygen supply is needed to travel on the surface.

The facility the player characters employer is interested in is a black site prison facility that holds prisoners Weyland-Yutani wants to hide or forget about. PCs might have heard rumours of facilities like this, they keep prisoners in hibernation so they consume fewer resources and only wake them up for interrogations or torture, depending on why they’re there.

The planet is heavily defended with surface and orbital weapons platforms, and they’ll destroy any unauthorised ship attempting to land or coming too close.

“We were unable secure codes for landing clearance, however, we’ve learned that the facility is scheduled to receive an automated resupply and staff rotation.”

“Your team will rendezvous with the supply ship, board, and ride it down to the planet. You’ll have between 24 and 48 hours to leave via the same ship and make a rendezvous with your transportation in system.”

“This operation is fully approved for collateral damage”

At this point it’s up to the players to plan the rest of the operation. There are multiple ways for them to achieve their goals.

1. Storm the facility guns blazing and hope they’re able to kill all the guards before the alarm is raised.
2. Impersonate the replacement staff and then quickly take over the facility.
3. Do a full stealth infiltration on the facility, only making a move once they’re ready to take control.

One of the players should be a hacker, and be skilled enough to circumvent both the supply ship and facility security. In the briefing players won’t have access to a map of the facility, they will have to get that information from Weyland Yutani databases either on the ship, or when they get to the facility.

I’m going to take a break here and review/update the rest of my notes and we’ll pick this when the players come out of hypersleep.
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Re: Morse code, a Scenario

Thu 06 Jun 2019, 07:49

That sounds pretty awesome!

What do we really know about Robert Morse?
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Re: Morse code, a Scenario

Sat 08 Jun 2019, 03:43

Dossier: current as of 2182

Asset: Robert Morse

Status: Convicted Felon

Born: September 7, 2142

Height: 168.9 cm

Weight: 68.5kg

Psychologically unstable demonstrating verbally and physically abusive behaviour. Serving multiple life sentences on Fiorina 161 for 5 counts of Armed Robbery and Homicide. Morse has never exhibited any remorse for his crimes.

After the official closing of the Weyland-Yutani prison facilities on Fiorina 161 Morse elected to remain behind with a group of other inmates. At this time, it is unknown what transpired at the facility, but Morse was the sole survivor of the events on Fiorina 161.

Morse should be extracted with all efforts made to ensure his ability to be debriefed. He should be kept restrained at all times due to his unpredictability and violent tendencies.
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Re: Morse code, a Scenario

Sun 09 Jun 2019, 19:27

This looks like a good start for scenario design.  Thanks for posting.
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Re: Morse code, a Scenario

Wed 12 Jun 2019, 17:16

Nice my friend, sounds fulfilling. Some of us golden oldies did a similar thing on AVP  7years ago, there were some grand scenarios. We also did some animal models for Kits we new would never be made. Cheers.
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Re: Morse code, a Scenario

Wed 12 Jun 2019, 18:32

I’m working on updating some of my notes, which are frankly 25 years old and we’re built around cyberpunk 2020.

I hope you guys enjoy reading it, and I hope some of you guys enjoy playing it.
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Re: Morse code, a Scenario

Wed 26 Jun 2019, 20:10

This scenario sounds great. I already have several ideas what they will discover in the facility and the challenges to get out of it alive with the merchandise. :)
Nothing is Alien specific, but considering the fate of the spaceship in the Chariots of the gods... similar can occur here. Wow, need to find players now.

Too bad I have zero knowledge on the Alien universe, I have watched only the movies and not the one where they mix the predators...
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Re: Morse code, a Scenario

Mon 09 Dec 2019, 05:42

Just wanted to post an update for this, I’ve been busy with work and a new baby girl.

I did however just receive my copy of Alien, and life permitting I’ll finish updating this.

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