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[Homebrew] Infectoid (from Aliens video game and AVP Arcade game)

Thu 13 Jan 2022, 05:51

Original link: ... e_and_avp/

AKA: Zombie, Xeno-zombie
Habitat: Xenomorph-Infested Territory
Type: Mutated chestburster host
Size: Human height
Traits: Human that has mutated from being infected with a chestburster

When a human is infected by a facehugger, there is a chance that the host mutates into a zombie-like being known as an Infectoid. It is currently unknown how these creatures come to be. Some scientists believe that a human must be infected with black goo before being implanted to cause this mutation. Some believe a human host need to be infected by the bite of a specific xenomorph to mutate. Others tend to believe that this mutation is completely random.

During the mutation, the human host loses their minds and become extremely hostile towards anything not a xenomorph. The chestburster inside the infectoid seems to accelerate the host’s metabolism and quickly eats away at their fat reserves making the host become skeletal in appearance. Their skin will also pale and take on a blue hue. As far as observers have seen, this mutation does not affect how long it takes for the chestburster to gestate and burst out.

Individually, these enemies are not hard to fight against, but Marines have reported that these creatures often attack in swarms and if they are not killed fast enough, the chestbursters inside them will come out to attack or escape. Infectoids are also capable of using human weapons, albeit poorly.

Speed: 1
Health: 3
Skills: Mobility 2 Observation 4 Close Combat 3
Armour Rating: (dependent on if the host was wearing any armour before being implanted)


D6 Attack
1 Undead Groans: The Infectoid lets out laboured groans that unsettle everyone in combat. All characters in combat takes +1 Stress.
2 Swipe: The Infectoid gets in close to swipe at their target. Without any weapon in their hand, they will inflict three Base Dice, Damage 1. If they have a knife weapon, they will inflict three Base Dice, Damage 2. If they have a blunt weapon (e.g., lead pipe, rifle), they will inflict four Base Dice, Damage 1.
3 Fire Gun: If the Infectoid is carrying a gun, they will fire it at a target. Infectoid will roll two Base Dice, Damage [based on the weapon’s damage stat]. If the Infectoid is not carrying a weapon, they will use the Swipe attack.
4-5 Surprise Birth: Time has run out for host and the chestburster has fully developed. The Infectoid stops in their tracks and lets out one last scream. Their chest burst open and new life is born. The unsettling moment terrifies everyone in combat. Everyone must take +1 Stress and make a Panic roll. Whether the chestburster stays in combat or escapes is up to the GM. If it enters combat, draw its initiative.
6 Final Embrace: The Infectoid knows its child will come forth soon and grabs onto a character for one last attack. The character must make a counter grapple roll (no action) against the Infectoid to prevent it from grabbing on. If the character succeed, the Infectoid will instead make the Surprise Birth attack. If the character fails, the chestburster will be born and try to go right through them causing five Base Dice, Damage 3. If any damage is caused, the character will suffer Critical Injury #66 and immediately die. If no damage is caused, the chestburster will fall to the ground. Whether the chestburster stays in combat or escapes is up to the GM. If it enters combat, draw its initiative.

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