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Cinematic Starter Kit Sale

Wed 10 Jul 2019, 14:56


I have two questions:
1. Are there plans that the Cinematic Starter Kit goes in sale some day? Would like to try it before i decide to preorder the game.
2. Will there be another adventure in the Core Rulebook? And will it be another adventure than in the cinematic starter kit?

Thanks for answering it and greetings from Germany!
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Re: Cinematic Starter Kit Sale

Wed 10 Jul 2019, 16:37

I don’t think there were any plans for the cinematic starter kit to be sold separately. But things may be different now. I can predict I t won’t go on sale before the actual core book is published though. 

Yes there will be a different adventure in the core book. I know this because we (well mostly my co-host Dave) have written it! It’s going to be shorter, the reason being that the adventure in the Cinematic starter kit is too long to fit in the core books page count.
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