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by faun
Wed 26 Jun 2019, 22:59
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Topic: Group/Party composition
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Re: Group/Party composition

2 wolfkin, 2 goblins and 2 humans. We had 2 beard gobs(wolfkin) in our group who got thrown out of a bar and our human sorcerous played up the racism to get on the good side of the barkeep and the human rider took umbrage at this and was thrown out too (well plus he called the bar keep a dwarf which...
by faun
Wed 26 Jun 2019, 22:04
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Topic: Wolfkin Druid?
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Re: Wolfkin Druid?

So I looked at the same thing with goblins and orcs. I figured that if any race is not restricted from this then they should be able to find a way. To me this goes to the heart of the question does magic come from the god, or from the will of the caster. If there has to be a god at the helm then tho...
by faun
Wed 26 Jun 2019, 21:31
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Topic: Importance of 300 years of Blood Mist?
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Re: Importance of 300 years of Blood Mist?

I love this idea, there have been many post apocalyptic gaming ideas, this one is awesome. Here are some reasons: Wolfkin were not affected and their territory grew, the race gained a bad reputation with the people of the lands, and they advocate a return of the blood mist. Friends of the wolfkin we...
by faun
Wed 26 Jun 2019, 20:41
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Topic: Western Marches style campaign
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Western Marches style campaign

Has anyone attempted a western marches style campaign using the forbidden lands. The way that the sandbox and emptyish map along with the stronghold build rules seem like a great starting point for a western marches shared DM style of play.