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by vitrifier
Tue 04 May 2021, 01:18
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Topic: Calculating Travel Times
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Calculating Travel Times

In page 138 of the rulebook, it says: CALCULATING TRAVEL TIMES Interplanetary distances are measured in Astronomical Units (AU). The distance between two planets is calculated like this: ◆◆ SHORTEST DISTANCE: The difference between the planets’ individual distances from the sun. ◆◆ FARTHEST DISTANCE...
by vitrifier
Tue 20 Apr 2021, 07:28
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Topic: How to run sneak attacks?
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How to run sneak attacks?

Hi, I am at a total loss for how to run a sneak attack. In the Coriolis rulebook, it says that an entire group rolls for separately for infiltration when sneaking, and rolls separately for observation when being snuck upon. You and the other PCs cannot help each other when you are acting simultaneou...