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by Kartong Karlsson
Wed 22 Jun 2022, 13:29
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Topic: Latest printing of the core rules?
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Latest printing of the core rules?

Hi, does anyone know if the latest print is the same as the pdf (v4) or v3? The only difference I know of between the two is the renaming of the Slave role to Grunt.
by Kartong Karlsson
Sun 08 May 2022, 01:09
Forum: M0 - Allmänt
Topic: Mördarbin & Dunderhonung
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Mördarbin & Dunderhonung

Gjorde detta material till en Genlab Alfa kampanj, fungerar att lägga ut i zonen också. Mördarbin : dessa har samma statistik som zongetingar, men försvarar en jättebikupa som innehåller 2T6 portioner honung, 2/3 portioner är vanlig honung där varje portion räknas som 1 krubb, medans 1/3 portioner ä...
by Kartong Karlsson
Tue 23 Feb 2021, 02:43
Forum: Mörk Borg
Topic: Mörk Borg Cult Feretory in swedish?
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Mörk Borg Cult Feretory in swedish?

Im looking to pick up the cult feretory, however i noticed that it currently only seems to be available in english. I have the core rulebook in swedish and would prefer to have both books in the same language if at all possible. Is a swedish version available anywhere or are there plans to release o...