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by Kiratchi
Tue 05 Jul 2022, 08:32
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Topic: Overarching story
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Overarching story

I am playing the premade mysteries and think they are fantstic. One thing I miss though is an overarching story. Maybe someone pulling the strings or some big problem they hear clues about a they go along. Have you had a simillar idea and how have you implemented it?
by Kiratchi
Wed 13 Jan 2021, 19:27
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Topic: The Silver of the Sea
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Re: The Silver of the Sea

Here is some music suitable for The Silver of the Sea. When/if the Kraken emerges: Scherezade When/if the Merequeen emerges: Philip Glass four songs When/if the magical underwater world is seen: Miroirs The rest are f...
by Kiratchi
Wed 13 Jan 2021, 19:20
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Topic: Vaesen soundtrack suggestions
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Re: Vaesen soundtrack suggestions

I have maybe spent a bit too much time on the music, so i thought I should share it. :) Much of the music is Swedish folk music and other similar styles. Most of it is instrumental. Feel free to use how ever you want. Themes.